Having a sibling sister by your side on your wedding day is a priceless blessing, but what if they don’t support you or confuse you about your big day?

A Redditor asked on AITA, Am I wrong for not inviting my unsupportive sister to my wedding? We want to know what you think, here is the full story for you.



The original Post (OP) is about a female who is 24 years old and got engaged to Derrick (30 years old male) one month ago.

Before that, they had known each other for six months, and OP knew that was a short time. However, they were madly in love and ready to commit themselves to each other fully.

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What Happened Next?

OP’s sister (26 F) had a problem with that. She was supportive of OP’s relationship with Derrick before they got engaged. When OP sent her a text telling her they were engaged, she said congratulations.

But then, when OP saw her the week after, she got all serious and said she should strongly reconsider the marriage.

She told OP she was young and could meet people she loved more. That was offensive to OP because she loved Derrick more than anything. OP’s sister basically said that her love isn’t that important. 

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She also told OP that Derrick and OP could date for longer before they got married. According to OP, they are already fully committed to each other, so they could get married and be recognized as soul mates in the eyes of the law.

The conversation was hurtful for OP. OP eventually asked her sister directly whether she supported her in marrying Derrick, and she replied no. So OP stood up, told her that she shouldn’t be at the wedding if she didn’t want them to get married, and left. OP hasn’t talked to her since, although OP’s sister had texted OP multiple times asking to talk.

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OP Didn’t Invite The Sister. Was She Wrong?

Derrick and OP were working on the wedding guest list yesterday, and they both agreed that OP’s sister should not come if she doesn’t support them. So they planned not to invite her. 

OP mentioned this to her friend yesterday, and she pointed out that it may be rude of OP not to invite her. So, OP asks, “Is she wrong for not inviting her unsupportive sister to the wedding?”

Was OP correct to uninvite her to the wedding? Was it inappropriate for OP’s sister to keep telling her not to marry Derrick without reason? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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