Being frugal is great, but sometimes it is better to spend money on an expensive item because it will save you money later. 

A Redditor asked on a popular forumWhat expensive item saved you money and time and/or vastly improved your life? And here are the top picks:


1. The Bed Jet

A Bedjet is air-based cooling and warming system for you to sleep well. It is an excellent product for those dealing with hot flashes, cold feet, cold legs, sweat, etc. People have invested in it, and many more want to. 

“The Bed Jet. I bought a refurbished one over 2 years ago, which is life-changing. It keeps my electric/gas bill low because I can just heat or cool myself in bed, so I keep the heat off.” one said.


2. Laser eye surgery

“I’ve seen no decrease in my vision or side effects since the procedure. The fact that I can open my eyes and see without glasses or SCUBA without worrying about a contact falling out is well worth the cost for me.” a reader said.

Best money I ever spent. I got my surgery 21 years ago and haven’t had to deal with glasses or contacts since! It has made my life so much easier,” said another.

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3. e-Bike 

“Spending a few hundred on building an e-bike saved me tens of thousands in not having to buy a second car.” one said.

This one is definitely true. Many people bought kits to build their own bikes or bought one. In fact, many people have replaced their second car with e-bikes and saved a tonne of money on gas, maintenance, etc. 

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4. Dash Cam

We have been discussing getting one pretty soon too, and it can save you a lot of hassle in case of accidents. 

“If I had a dashcam, I would have saved $1000 in deductible. The video would have shown I had a green light when the other party Gabe a different version of events.” a user said.

“Spent $99 on the cam, and it came with a card already. More than once, road ragers have seen it and backed off. The peace of mind alone was worth it,” another added.


5. Rice Cooker

“My rice cooker. It’s not the most expensive, but it’s also not the cheapest. But I use it so often, and the rice it makes is always perfect.” said one.

“I make my pasta dinner in my rice cooker, and it’s such a delicious and easy treat.” a Redditor added.

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6. Bread Maker

“I love my bread maker too because my home is kept cold, and the machine provides the perfect warm environment for my dough to proof.” one said.

“Bread makers are easy to find and use. I got mine from a thrift store for $5.” said another.


7. A Good Laptop

“A good laptop with an SSD. My current Acer Swift 14 was the first computer I bought that was not on sale and was cheap and cheerful. It was twice what I normally pay. Almost five years on, it’s still going strong, and the difference in speed is huge. I won’t go back to the bargain basement again. Replace it every five years or so, but buy a good one!” said one. 

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8. Solar Panels 

“Mine is solar panels for the house. We got a 20-year lease about 10 years ago for around USD 10,000. Best long-term investment ever.” said one.


9. Sodastream

If you drink a lot of soda, consider investing in SodaStream. 

“My Sodastream. I love sparkling water, but I would go through so many cans, and it creates so much recycling waste. The important part for me, though, is less waste.” said one.

“Sodastream has saved me a ton of money, although not just for the reason you expect. When I kept cans in the fridge, my kids would drink them constantly.” another added.

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10. Stand Mixer 

“Stand mixer! I could not do dough without it, despite trying repeatedly.

We make homemade pizza, bread, cakes, cookies, etc., all the time. Tastes better and cheaper, and the kids join in to help cook because they think it’s fun. It was a pricey Christmas gift, but it gets a lot of use!” said one. 


11. Coffee Maker

“Coffee maker. Seems like a forgone conclusion, but I’ve spent less than 50¢ a day on coffee my entire adult life. It blows my mind that people spend $5 a day ($1800/year) on Starbucks.” said one. 

 We hope you love this Reddit discussion on expensive items that can save you a lot of money. 

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