Investing in pursuits that ignite our passions and bring us joy enhances our well-being and fuels our motivation to strive for greater financial stability. A user asked the forum, “What’s the one thing you never feel guilty spending money on?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Food. I have to eat, and I’d rather eat high-quality food. I pretty much cook every day of the week.”


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“Good shoes/boots.

My entire outfit could cost 20 to 30 dollars on any given day. My shoes/boots are almost always 300 to 600 dollars. It’s not high fashion, just high durability. Handmade. Top leather work-wear. I have bad feet and large feet. I wear a 14.5 E, and I refuse to buy disposable footwear.”


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“Good pickles and good cheese. It’s twice as expensive and worth every penny.”


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“Business tickets on flights.”


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“Skin care, hair care, getting my nails done, presents for my mum.”


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“Rent. I am one of those lucky people who has got some sweet government deals, so it doesn’t cost too much. It’s still an arm and a leg, but every time I pay my rent, I feel a little more secure in my little shelter. It’s nice, sort of mine, relatively cheap, and I am thankful I got something like this in today’s economy.”


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“Anything for my grandchildren. They rarely ask for anything, and their parents work very hard to provide & be the best parents they can be. I wasn’t able to provide financially for anything “extra” while they were growing up. I’m thankful to be in a position to help them out & spoil the grand-kids just a little.”


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“Food delivery subscriptions- convenience for people with busy office jobs who don’t get breaks long enough to both eat and go pick up food.”


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“My children (even though they are adults, I still enjoy treating them to things.)”


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“Fruits and vegetables are the only things I can think of that I don’t feel guilty paying for. Everything else, I think, “Is this too much?”


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“Anything fitness-related. I’ve gotta take care of myself before I can take care of others.”


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“My pets. If it gives them a good quality of life, I’m all in.”


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“Generous gifts. Giving is my love language, which is tough because the people around me who I want to show my love for aren’t great at receiving gifts.”


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“Travel. I want to see as much as I can while I can.”


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“Sending a monthly allowance to my parents. I don’t even think about it, but I would never spend that amount of money for myself.”


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“Not nearly as wholesome as some of these comments, but high-end deodorant. Turns out I’m allergic to aluminum-based deodorants, and having rashes in your pits really hurts.”


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“Tires. I slid off an icy road once. Never again.”


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“A desk chair. If you sit in it 8 hours a day, five days a week, for ten years – the $300-400 you spend on it suddenly becomes nothing. It pays for itself after it saves you having to take a week off work due to back pain.”

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