Unintentionally made errors, regardless of their magnitude, can have significant consequences, even posing a threat to life. A netizen recently asked, What simple mistake has ended lives? And the following responses took us aback!

Not Tying Stopper Knots When Rock Climbing 

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“There have been too many instances of rock climbers rappelling off of the ends of their ropes, which could have been easily avoided by tying stopper knots at the ends of their ropes.”

Messing With The Torque Wrench 

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“I worked at a tire place for a summer and the first thing they told me was “See that torque wrench? One mistake with this and you can kill a whole family in seconds”. I thought, well, better take this thing seriously.”

The World’s Deadliest Software Error

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“THERAC-25. The world’s deadliest software error. Cost several radiation patients their lives by administering lethal amounts of radiation, and for a while, the doctors didn’t even know.” 

Giving The Wrong Doses Of Insulin

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“As a healthcare worker, giving the wrong amount of insulin.” Said one. 

“During the first shift of my first clinical rotation in nursing school, I watched a nurse draw up insulin out of an auto-injector pen that was CLEARLY marked to specifically not do that AND she was drastically wrong about the dosage and almost killed a guy by giving him essentially like a hundred times the intended dose.” Another added. 

Getting Out Of The Car In Winters 

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“Leaving the stranded vehicle on the road in winter and trying to walk to get help. It happens in rural parts of our province once or twice a year, and they find the body a few days later. They get disoriented and freeze.” Said one. 

“I grew up in Minnesota, and when I got my first car (during the winter), my dad told me “unless you can see the lights of a building, don’t get out of the car”.” Another added. 

Locking Oneself Out Of The Home

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“A friend’s husband locked himself out of their home. He tried to get in through a window that had security bars. While squeezing through his foot slipped, and he essentially hung himself on the window sill.” Said one. 

“A friend of mine’s stepmother died this way. Locked herself out, tried to climb in through a bathroom window head first, lost her balance and fell breaking her neck.” Another added 

Pulling The Knife Out Of Someone

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“Pulling the knife out of someone.” Said one. 

“Yeah, I did that but it was a broken tree branch that had impaled my leg. Without even thinking, I pulled it out. Blood started gushing so I pulled off my shirt and tied it into a pressure bandage. I was lucky I didn’t bleed to death.” Another added. 

Mixing Cleaning Ingredients

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“Mixing cleaning ingredients.” Said one. 

“It’s worrying when you see those videos on TikTok etc of influencers mixing a ton of different cleaning products just for the sake of views. It is SO dangerous. Some of those products are dangerously caustic just by themselves – mixing them with other strong chemicals could be (and are) fatal, and it’s concerning that it’s become trendy on social media.” Another added. 

Not Being Honest With Doctors About Viagra

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“Not being honest with doctors about Viagra.

It has many dangerous drug interactions and can cause many problems, from what I’ve heard. Trust me, the doctor ain’t judge you guys; they have seen much more embarrassing things. And it would be awful to die because you wanted to hide something just for it to be later stated in your death certificate.” 

Thinking All Heart Attacks Have The Exact Same Symptoms

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“That all heart attacks have the same symptoms. They don’t. Trust yourself and seek help ASAP if you are afraid that you’re having a heart attack.” 

The Choking Game

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“When I was in elementary school, my friend tried a trend that was going around at the time called “the choking game”. His parents found him dead in his bedroom a week after his birthday. I still miss him.”

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