Respect for different jobs varies widely. Some professions, such as doctors, are consistently respected, while others, such as politicians and debt collectors, tend to be less respected.

A user asked what job do you have no respect for? And these were shared the maximum number of times.

1. Debt Collectors

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A debt collector is responsible for collecting payments on overdue debts from individuals or businesses, but do they always work ethically and legally?

“There are debt collectors who call relatives of the deceased to pay off their debts when they are not legally obligated to.” said one.

“My wife, my then girlfriend’s mom, died when she was only 21. She has two twin brothers who were 16 at the time. We moved into their childhood home to care for her brothers, and these people called for MONTHS to harass her to pay off her mom’s debt.” another said.

2. Scammers

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Scamming has unfortunately become a lucrative criminal activity for some individuals, who see it as a way to make money through deceit and exploitation of others. Obviously, they have no respect!

“Scammers that scam old people via phone calls. This isn’t a “job” in the traditional sense. Still, many call centers hire people to do this. You got to go through interviews and get paid a salary and commission.” a user said.

“That happened to my mom a few years back. I don’t remember if they got her for $500 or a grand, I don’t remember, but she learned her lesson. Sad people have to resort to that. My mom is the nicest person you’ll ever meet.” another said. 

3. Multi-Level Marketing Manager

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes have been known to deceive people into investing their money, only to find out that most of the profit goes to those higher up in the pyramid scheme, resulting in financial loss for most participants.

“Not the low-level idiots that get into it, they are sad too for trying to bring new people into this scam, but the people who create them know exactly what they are doing and are pretty much the only ones who profit off of it. It should be illegal, and pyramid schemes are illegal. None of them ever get the just desserts except occasionally by vigilantes, I assume.” said one.

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4. Paparazzi

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“I met Jack Gleeson (King Joffrey from Game of Thrones) at a bus stop in Dublin. Nice guy, but he said he quit acting due to people being stupid online and constant hounding from the paparazzi. He’s happier now, but it is really sad that he was pushed away from a career he was pretty good at.” a user shared.

“Paparazzi is one of those jobs where both the ends and the means are equally awful.” another said.

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5. Administrators

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“Higher level people in hospitals (admin, CEOs, etc.) MAJORLY detached from what’s going on in their facilities (or don’t care) and implement policies that can legitimately be dangerous for patients so that they can get their bonus.” a user said.

“Administrators, school superintendents, and principals are the same way. They have zero respect for the people that work for them and cop this attitude that if any of their reports had half a brain, they would be in charge instead of working the front lines, i.e., zero respect for vocations.” another added.

6. Life Coach

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Some people may dislike a life coach job because they view it as unregulated and ineffective or prefer solving problems without external guidance.

“And as a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve seen some life coaches who pretend to be therapists. There is no required certification, and everyone in this thread in the US could call themselves life coaches right now.” said one.

“I know three “life coaches.” All divorced moms at my kid’s school and all of them are human dumpster fires. One shows up to every event with wine in a tumbler and seems to have new damage to her car every month. Another one isn’t allowed on school grounds because she stole a teacher’s credit card during a parent-teacher conference.” another shared.

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7. Dating Expert

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A dating expert provides advice, coaching, and support to individuals seeking to improve their dating skills and find successful romantic relationships.

“Sadly, it’s a thing. It’s a self-appointed title that requires no training or qualifications. What’s worse is that I have a female friend who uses one, and it’s very much a blind leading the blind situation.” said one.

8. Tik Tok Influencers

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“Tik Tok’s algorithm is not based on anything. People go viral for the dumbest things, but when they are “famous,” they act like they worked hard and are some kind of role model.” said one.

“Most of them (barring a tiny few of them who are dedicated activists) don’t influence anything, just post a bunch of videos of them doing stupid things, talk about their mostly exaggerated/fabricated personal lives, or doing some half-naked dancing.” another said.

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9. Poachers

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“Poachers. Especially big game poachers who purposefully hunt nearly extinct animals from species they know are on the brink.

I know some poachers come from rural villages who are trying to just put food on the table, which has my sympathy but poachers who come from money and hunt down animals minding their business in most shelters or restricted areas just to put a head on their wall as a trophy are heinous.” said one. 

10. Politician

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“They’re supposed to vote on laws that benefit their constituents. Instead, we get a bunch of greedy people who will screw over their voting base just to line their pockets.” said one.

“In the USA, politicians answer to their rich donors rather than their constituents. The incentive and power structures are all wrong.” another said.

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