Not all movies are created equal. Some transcend the boundaries of mere entertainment and forge an indelible connection with our souls, akin to the spark of love at first sight.

An internet user recently asked, What movie blew your mind when you first saw it? We’ve curated the top 12 responses below:

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

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“Raiders of Lost Ark.  I was about nine and walked out of the theater like Woww…wow,” said one. 

“Yes. I don’t think I took my eyes off the screen for a second while seeing it, and each scene was more exciting than the last. Riveting!” Another added. 


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“Aliens: What an incredible moviegoing experience! I was engrossed the entire time.” Said one. 

“I saw it in 1986 at a midnight matinee. The mostly kids’ crowd was going crazy before the movie started, everybody running around and screaming with a bunch of kids throwing those popper things at people. I thought they’d never settle down and trying to watch the movie would suck; five minutes in, I looked around, and every single person was just sitting there with their mouths wide open. Just a damn awesome movie from start to finish.” Another added. 

Spirited Away

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“Spirited Away. The feeling it left me with was like I’d had an intense, vivid dream. I’d never seen such soulfully executed animation.” Said one. 

“I don’t know how to explain the feeling I got when I left the theater. It was like I was fulfilled and empty at the same time.” Another added. 

Terminator 2

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“I was obsessed with this movie as a kid and watched it like every day for three years.” Said one. 

“One of the few sequels out there better than the original in every way.” Another added. 

Jurassic Park

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“I loved how under wraps they kept the whole thing. You literally could not see what the dinosaurs looked like unless you paid for a ticket on release.  I remember a photo of Stephen Spielberg in the paper posing with one of the dinosaurs and they completely blacked out the dinosaur.  You only saw a tail for a brief second in the commercials.

And damn, when they show that first dinosaur and it rears up on its hind legs to get that high branch, I shrunk down in my seat a little. Had no idea what I was in for.” 

The Matrix

LOS ANGELES - MAY 14: Keanu Reeves at the Keanu Reeves Hand and Foot Print Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX on May 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
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“I remember seeing it in a theater when it came out. Matinee on a Wednesday afternoon but the theater was still a quarter full. The guy in front of me said What in the *hell?!?*” during the bullet-time scene. Sticks with me to this day.” 

Fight Club

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“Fight Club. It was such a weird movie with such crazy characters. Beautifully shot and a great story with themes that  are still of interest today.” Said one. 

“I was in the military when this came out and the base had an old stage theater converted to screen movies. Since it was a single auditorium, only one movie played each day. I had misread the schedule and thought I was going to see a different movie. as I didn’t think Fight Club looked that interesting. But man I loved it.” Another added. 

Saving Private Ryan

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“Saving Private Ryan. My heart rate was sky high for the whole of the beach landing scene and I felt like I was there with them.” 

Star Wars (1977)

star wars
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“Star Wars (1977). I was 9 years old. Never saw anything like it before!” Said one. 

“No one today can understand what it was like to see Star Wars in the movie theater.  It was amazing.” Another added. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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“This was the first movie that sprung into my mind as well. The soundtrack, editing and non-linear storytelling all work so well together, and I love the very tender and moving way it examines the pain and joy of being in a relationship.

I wish I could wipe my memory and see it again for the first time.” 

The Prestige

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“You think you know what genre movie you’re watching until you get to the end.” Said one. 

“I remember when I first watched that movie with my friends. I had never seen it before and they all had. The movie floored me. Never saw it coming.  I really like most if not all Christopher Nolan movies; he has a unique way of telling a story and he’s never afraid of trying something new, which is hard to come by nowadays.” Another added. 

The Land Before Time

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“The Land Before Time. Granted I was like 4 years old but still…” Said one. 

“Still the only movie that made me damn HANKER for some delicious leaves.” Another added. 

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