Have you ever been unfairly judged for something you didn’t do?  An internet user asked, “Men, what’s something that you get judged for but do not apologize for?

Any quirks, habits or ‘I will die on this hill’ things that make you you!” We’ve curated the best responses below!

Being A 55-Year-Old Gamer

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“Being a 55-year-old gamer.

I have been gaming since the late 70’s and people keep expecting me to grow out of it. Especially my own generation. Not gonna happen!”

Not Paying For Guacamole At Chipotle

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“I won’t pay for guacamole at Chipotle. I have guacamole money and enjoy it, but I’m not giving those idiots an extra $3 for it.”

Not Observing ‘Mandatory’ Social Norms When Mistreated

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“If someone doesn’t treat me the way I like to be treated, I have no obligation whatsoever to observe whatever social norms they deem mandatory in their head.”

Leaving Situations I Don’t Like

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“Leaving situations I don’t like. I don’t stick through things if other humans are ruining the experience. As Patrice O’Neal said, “Life is full of so much strife, don’t spend time with someone who makes you unhappy”. I apply it to all my relationships romantic or not”

No Mandatory Hangouts With Friends

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“Not going out with friends if I don’t feel like it. My high school friend group likes going out barhopping, I simply do not have the social battery to do that. Thanks for the invite but I think I will stay home and go to sleep early tonight.”

Not Drinking Any ‘Adult’ Drinks

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“Not drinking any ‘adult’ drinks. I’m almost 35 and still drink the same things I did when I was a kid. Water, coke, orange juice.

I hate the taste of coffee and I also do not like the taste of alcohol at all. Energy drinks just taste artificial.

People are really weird about it. Which is their problem, not mine.”

Expected Social Situations

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“Expected social situations. I decide for myself what I deem important or not or how long I’m staying. Lol, this sounds way more mean than it is. I still go to things and enjoy people’s company but I don’t like my cousin’s 4-day wedding. Sorry man be mad but you got me for like two days tops. Lol.”

Bodily Functions In My Own Home

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“Bodily functions in my own home. Both my mom earlier in life and now my GF gets so offended if I fart or burp and they can hear it. Dude I’m in my own home.

Of course, if I’m in a public space I won’t just let it rip, but at home, in private if I need to fart or burp, I’m just gonna do it.”

Cutting Off My Parents

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“For cutting off my parents. Mom’s an abuser and Dad’s her enabler/excuse maker.

The best thing I ever did for the mental health of both myself and my family was cutting them off. So many people, especially religious people, come at you with ‘you should forgive them’, ‘honor thy parents’, ‘you only have one mother’, ‘your mom did the best she could’, etc. and that is not right.

No one should make you feel guilty for cutting off an abuser.”

Liking Boxing And Combat Sports

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“Liking boxing and combat sports. It’s not “toxic masculinity”, I’ve been doing it for 5 years and I’ve met some of my best friends through the sport who are some of the kindest people.

It’s very cathartic and a big stress reliever. Also getting punched in the face humbles you and you develop genuine confidence.”

No More ‘Company Events’

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“I stopped going to ‘company events.’ They’re always after-hours, and that just means that my work day just extended. No thanks.”

Having Female Friends

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“Most of my friends are women. I feel judgment from dudes sometimes when I’m hanging platonically with girls, but I like what they bring to a friendship that most men don’t.”

Wearing Socks With Sandals

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“Wearing socks with sandals because the socks absorb the sweat from my feet and I am doing the world a favor.”

Liking The Foods I Liked As A Kid

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“Liking the foods I liked as a kid. Why? Yes there IS Peanut Butter Captain Crunch in my cereal bowl and I spend two hours in the gym hitting the weights to pay for it but it’s still going in my breakfast bowl.”

Being Critical Of Women Like They Are Of Men

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“Being critical of women in the same way women are critical of men. No, that doesn’t make me a misogynist. I don’t hate women. I fear them.

Their misandry goes unchecked and all too often leads to sanctioned violence against men and they don’t even receive equal jail time for their crimes, so there’s even less deterrent to their violence.

I used to almost exclusively associate with women. Now I mostly avoid them. I don’t give a damn if it’s not politically correct. My safety and well-being matter more.”

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