Have you ever wondered about the things we use daily that make our lives easier? What if they were taken away? A user asked the forum, “What’s the one invention without which you cannot survive for a day?” 

Here are the common responses. 


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“Pacemaker. I’d make it a week or so without my insulin pump, given no other options.”


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“Air conditioner. I live in Saudi Arabia where it’s around 40-48 Celsius almost all year except in winter.”


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“Plumbing. I live in a third-world hellhole, and it’s a humbling experience. You learn very early on that everything is temporary. But without modern plumbing, I’d be a very miserable individual.”


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“I honestly couldn’t imagine a world without books.”


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“Water. I’m from the Philippines, and it’s harder to survive with no water in the faucet than no electricity.”


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“Medication. Not a day, but a few days, and I’m out.*


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“Inhaler. It’s crazy to think that if I were born at any other point in history, I’d have died as a child.”


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“Grid-supplied electricity, and I am nowhere alone in this. Humanity is reliant on this. If the electricity ends, we turn right back into barbarians.”


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“The use of supplementation of vitamins. I have pernicious anemia, so without supplemental B12, I’d die. I would maybe make it on a high-meat carnivorous diet as a cave person, though.”


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“Global Positioning System (GPS). I have no sense of direction, even in my town.


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“Gravity! Thanks, Newton.”


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“Internet. I must keep my brain learning something new, or I’ll get super bored.”


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“Cellphone. For every single thing that requires me to pay money, I would need my phone because all payments are processed through phones, whether it’s public transport or convenience stores; come to think of it, I haven’t carried cash for years and just used my phone to make payments.”


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“Insulin, if we had not discovered how to treat type 1 diabetes, I would have died ten years ago at the grand age of 10; because of insulin, I get to celebrate my 21st birthday soon.”


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“Money is the most basic thing to sustain anything in the short or long term.”


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“Knives. I could somehow survive in the wild with a knife (in my country, it’s not uncommon to have survival classes in junior and high). However, with no knife, I am useless.”


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“The easy answer is computers. I’m a programmer learning game development. More than this, try going three months without a device created from the computer. It’s not an addiction, but we have integrated so much of our lives with technology that society has become unnavigable without it.

This is also why many homeless people don’t sell their phones. They need it to have any chance of getting back on their feet. You can’t even get a job without access to email and a job listing site.”


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“Sandwiches, thank you, Earl of Sandwich.”


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“Contact lenses. My prescription is so high my glasses are crazy thick and distort my eyes and my depth perception. I have been wearing contact lenses since 4th grade.”


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“Antibiotics. I would’ve died at age 10, and all four of my children would likely have died from throat & various infections.”


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“Language. It would be tough to coordinate things if we lost our languages and usual means of communication. Most people forget language is an invention.”


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“Fire. Without fire, there would be principally nothing more than stone tools.”

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