Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or taking a road trip, it’s important to have a few essential items in your car. These items can help you stay safe, prepared, and comfortable in any situation. A netizen recently asked the forum, “What things do you always keep in your car?” Here are the top sixteen responses


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“Napkins. I have two glove boxes which are both filled with napkins. Open my center console and what do you find, more NAPKINS!

In the pouch behind the passenger seat, there are even more napkins! I can’t help myself, I just like to be prepared for messes…..no I don’t have kids.”

Empty Doritos Bags

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“Empty Doritos bags. Cause I eat Doritos in the car, and I’m lazy.” 

A Dog Collar

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“A dog collar & leash and a flashlight. I once came across a stray dog in the middle of the street as I was driving home on a pitch-black rural road… I was lucky enough to be able to pull over and grab the dog before he got hit by a car – he was small enough to pick up.

I walked to several of the closest houses to see if they knew whose dog he was. No one knew.

So I brought him home and called the local SPCA and was able to reunite him with his owner the very next day. Anyway, it made me think, what if it was a big dog that I couldn’t pick up?

Would I have been able to help? And a flashlight would have been helpful to approach more of the neighbours’ houses. Although this hasn’t happened again, I’m prepared if it does…”

Extra Fire Sauce Packets From Taco Bell

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“Extra fire sauce packets from Taco Bell.

They always give you a ton, but sometimes the burnout working the drive-through window forgets so I save the extras. And whenever I have a cupholder full of them, I won’t ask for them. 

Holy crap, I go to Taco Bell a lot.” 

Toilet Paper 

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“Finally – my people 🙂   I grew up in central Montana and we *always* kept toilet paper in the car.

In a state where distances are measured in hours, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re going to have to pull over to the side of the road to pee.”


crazy with money
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“First aid kit, warning triangle, high visibility clothing and – money for an emergency case. You can solve almost all problems with money.”

A Few Boxes Of Granola Bars

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“A few boxes of granola bars, to give out to the first homeless person I see.” Said one. 

“I just got the idea to do this exact thing. I always feel bad, and I never have cash, plus giving them food means they aren’t just buying booze with it.” Another added. 

Homemade Salsa

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“Homemade Salsa, in a small cooler. So then anytime is salsa time.” 

A Paper Map Of The US

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“A paper map of the US.  My dad gave it to me the first time I went to work out of state so that no matter what, I could always find a way home. Four vehicles and 14 years later and it’s still with me even though he isn’t.”

Jumper Cables

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“Good idea. You never know when some double Dutch action is going to break out, plus it’s nice to get some cardio whenever you want.”

Fire Extinguisher

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“The best argument for this I’ve heard was my buddy when some girl asked why he had a fire extinguisher in his car, he said, 

“When you’re sitting on the side of the road watching your car burn, you’ll wish you had one too.””

Bag Of Beach Gear

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“I live on an island in the Caribbean.

So, no matter where I am, I’m never more than five minutes from a beautiful beach, and the temperature is always in the 80-90° range all year round.

I’ve learned to keep a bag of beach gear in the car at all times. No matter how crappy my day has been, I can always just say “screw this!”, detour to the beach and jump in.

Plus, where I live, the most common answer to text is “What are u doing?” Is “headed to the beach”, with my bag in car I can answer “C u in 5″

Beach bag: clean bathing suit, clean towel, beach mat, snorkel gear, suntan lotion.” 

First Aid Kit

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“Besides the usual necessities (gum, napkins, etc) I have a really, *really* jacked first aid kit.

In fact, it’s a fully-outfitted EMS trauma kit, complete with collars, a blood pressure cuff, and a bag mask. 

Why do you ask? Well, it’s not so much because I’m super enthusiastic about my job (I’m an EMT); it’s more because the *one* time I’ve ever witnessed a horrific accident while off-duty was the *one* time I didn’t have gloves in my glove compartment.

In this situation, there is no way you are getting me to touch some random’s blood. So, if I come fully prepared, then the Irony Gods will leave me off the hook and I’ll never come across another accident again! Aha!” 

Camping Supplies

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“Camping supplies (You never know when you just want to go camp), gear for all seasons (Colorado), toolkit, rope/paracord, a yellow frisbee, med bag (and an extension to it.

I could take out an appendix if I needed to), fuel container, water, food (mre), jumper cables, oil and such, more camping supplies (I like to camp), and probably twenty or so knives and lighters spread about. I like fire and knives.” 


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“Q-tips. When you get that inner ear itch and wish you had one, you’ll thank me.” 

Canvas Bags For Grocery Shopping

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“Canvas bags for grocery shopping because most of my city charges for paper bags and bans plastic. I’ll never forget my bags now that they’re in my car! 

Tools, And A Spare Tire

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“Tools, and a spare tire. PLEASE, always carry some tools and a spare tire.

You have no idea how helpful basic tools can be if you end up getting stranded, especially over something as lame as a flat tire.”

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