Most addictions have become habits, and people no longer recognize it as an addiction.

A user asked the forum, “What is an addiction people have but don’t know about?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Shopping/ spending addiction. My mother-in-law has it and thinks she can’t pass up a good deal. The store clerks know her by name, and she buys so much stuff that she has bought the same thing twice for my kids. It’s honestly so sad.”


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“Toxic relationships. People get hooked on the obscene level of drama, and they think that makes it somehow ‘more real’ than other people’s healthy relationships.”


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“Procrastination. Making lists of things you should do and avoiding tasks. It’s oddly and seductively comforting.”


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“Short form videos, be it TikTok, Instagram, or shorts.”


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“Social media. When you exit an app and click on it a second later.”


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“Sugar. It’s in everything.”


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“Toxic positivity. Not everything that happens is good, inspirational, or makes you stronger. I went through this when my wife died in 2020 and had to listen to people telling me not to be sad and that ‘she’d want me to be happy.’ 

She still died at 41 of cancer, and I am allowed to be upset about it. Negative emotions are real; invalidating them with mushy positivity is toxic.”


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“Escapism as a whole. Daydreaming, social media, movies, video games, virtually anything that makes you unaware of your current physical surroundings.”


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“Skin picking. I didn’t know so many people suffered from this! It was a symptom of my undiagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since I was a kid; I only thought it was normal until my diagnosis because I did it my whole life. More awareness needs to be brought about.”


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“Weed. I love it. But it’s still an addiction.”


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“Validation. People are hooked on it and will aggressively defend their addiction. Sometimes, it even ruins people’s relationships.”


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“Excitement. It is most prominent when people create drama out of their day-to-day lives. Creating unnecessary mental stress on yourself.”


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“Makeup, not that it’s wrong to wear (I do pretty much every day), but if you try to go without it for a little while, you’ll figure out how difficult it is.”


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“Addiction to eating ice. My friend had this when he was younger. It is called phagophobia, a symptom of iron deficiency.”


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“Work. I know many people who work, but for many, it plays a much too big role in their lives.”


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“Television (TV). They watch so much but don’t realize they are addicted to shallow entertainment. There are many hobbies and things to do by yourself, but many people prefer watching TV.”


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“Food, I know first hand because I suffer from it, but I lost 65 pounds in 2 and half months, and every day is a battle, but I’m halfway to my goal.”

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