Everyone is different and so is their attraction to smell and scents.

A user asked the forum, “What is a weird scent you have always liked but most people find weird?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Freshly opened cans of tennis balls.”


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“Tire’s rubber. Every time my mom took me to an auto shop to have her car repaired, I smelled the tire’s rubber, and I loved it.”


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“The smell of concrete/stone post rain on a hot summer day.”


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“This has come up a lot this week. For me, it is tomato plants.”


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“Tar. It reminds me of my childhood when they would tar the driveways. They don’t use tar where I live now, so I rarely get to smell it.”


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“Cigarettes. I’ve never smoked, and I’m glad no one in my life smokes anymore because of how unhealthy it is, but when I’m outside and I catch the smell of a cigarette, it smells very nostalgic. 

Not the smell of someone’s house or car that is heavily layered in that smell, but just the smell of it in passing or on someone’s jacket when they come in out of the cold after having a smoke.”


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“Sawdust! My dad was a carpenter, so I remember everything smelling like that when I was little.”


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“Steel wool. My dad was a welder; he always smelled like steel wool when he came home from work. I miss him so much.”


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“I like the smell of eucalyptus, but my wife doesn’t. I’m not sure if it’s unusual, though.”


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“Chlorine at the pool. I immediately feel relaxed because it reminds me of childhood.”


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“Asphalt. I worked a summer in an asphalt plant when I was younger, operating the loading silos for the graveyard shift.”


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“Maybe it is not a weird smell, but I love stuffing my face in my cats’ fur and inhaling as hard as possible. They smell so good.”


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“Whiteboard markers. Loved sitting up front in class.”


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“Ant spray. Sometimes, not too much of it and only a certain kind. It is good.”


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“Marijuana. As a child raised in the 70s, I smelled it often. It’s a comforting, familiar smell to me, and I enjoy catching whiffs of it in the wild, even though I don’t smoke it.”


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“Sulfur. That smell when a match is struck.”


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“Fresh cut grass. On some occasions, farm air.”


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“Vinegar! Since the first grade, when we’re learning about the five senses, which was supposed to gross everyone out, I couldn’t stop smelling it.”

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