A netizen recently asked, What positive changes have you seen over the last 10 years, specifically in the United States? Here’s the list of the top 15 changes people suggested:


New National Parks & Monuments 

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“We’ve added 5 new national parks since 2013.” Said one. 

“Also, a bunch of amazing national monuments.” Another added. 


Mental Health Is Being More Accepted 

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“Strides are still being made, but I feel mental health has been more accepted in the last 10 years. I’m happy about that, I just wish people could get the help they do need.” 


Better & Cheaper Mobile Networks 

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“Our mobile networks got better, and prices went down. Remember when we paid $75+ monthly for 2 GB of data and limited minutes? Yeah, I don’t miss it.” Said one. 

“I remember when I was one of the few ppl with unlimited data because our plan was half off from an employee discount. Now everyone has it.” Another added. 


Advancements In Medicine

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“Advancements in medicine generally.” Said one. 

“A good example – I didn’t know this and many people are also surprised to learn this – but HIV today is largely manageable by popping some pills regularly. It is no longer a death sentence, and instead is basically like getting insulin shots for diabetes.” Another added.  


Snacking Options Have Multiplied 

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“The snacking options have increased tenfold. Flaming hot cool ranch Doritos!?.” Said one. 

“The pre-packaged popcorn game has really improved.” Another added. 


Work-Life Balance Is Valued 

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“We’re making a lot of progress in the work-life balance space. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of improvements that need to be made, but employees are starting to value time off and flexible scheduling rather than just salary, so a lot of companies are starting to focus on providing perks that cater to a better work-life balance.” 


Animals Returning Back To Their Homes

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“Lots of animals recently returned to the area and are now seen in greater numbers. I think the only animals that have declined are lightning bugs and rabbits. But the increase in foxes and the arrival of coyotes probably had a lot to do with that.” 


Public Transit Over Suburbs 

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“My city added more public transit trains and more on the way.” Said one. 

“Also related, I see a lot of city centres being pedestrianized and shops setting up tables on the streets with those Christmas lights hung up. A lot of younger people, across the political aisle, are preferring cities and public transit over suburbs and a reversal of flight-from-cities is seen with flight-into-cities again.” Another added. 


Space Travel Has Made Huge Leaps

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“Space travel has made huge leaps with the James Webb telescope, remote-controlled rockets relanding on the launch pads, civilians going into space as passengers, and the US is about to send people back to the moon.” 


Tobacco Smoking Is Not As Prevalent These Days

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“Tobacco smoking is down, especially in public.” Said one. 

“And especially among teens. It’s extremely rare to see teens smoking cigarettes nowadays. Smoking was always a social thing. If there’s no one to smoke with, why bother taking up the habit?” Another added. 


Better Quality And Variety Of Food Options 

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“Is it just me or does the quality and variety of food options in America just keep getting better and better? Like I’ve been to so many states the last few years and you can eat really high quality locally sourced food from a bunch of different cultures just about anywhere.” 


Remote Work Being Normalized 

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“Remote work seriously increases the quality of life so much. We used to have 2-4 hours of downtime a day in the office where we had to pretend to work but we all just read the news or chatted. Now at home, you can do chores, run errands, cook, or spend time with loved ones. 

Not to mention the time and money saved from commuting. And you don’t have to be tethered to whatever metro area your company is based out of.” 


The Introduction Of Conferencing Software, Like Microsoft Teams

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“I know some people hate it, but conferencing software, like Microsoft Teams, is a lifesaver for the deaf. I can turn on captions automatically and understand what people are saying in phone calls and meetings without ever having to remind people of my disability. It’s been a game-changer. I finally feel like I have dignity in the workplace, and I will NEVER give that up. 

Also, I think web accessibility for people with various disabilities has improved greatly in the past 5 years, as has the convo around disabilities in general.” 


Gay Marriage Being Made Legal Across The US 

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“Gay Marriage being made legal countrywide. The Yankees haven’t won any World Series.” 


Models With Realistic Imperfections 

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“It’s nothing crazy but seeing bathing suit models have imperfections when I’m buying bathing suits online is so nice to see! Stretch marks, razor bumps, stubble.”


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