Some people are blessed with high-paying jobs and demanding businesses that bring them wealth and financial freedom.

A user asked the forum, “What does the wealthiest person you know do for work?” Here are the top responses. 


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“A family friend retired after being a COBOL programmer for 30 years. About two years after his retirement, a company came to him and said, “Name your salary,” he requested around $1.5 million/year. He was hired on the spot and still works there.”


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“The wealthiest person I know (and hang out with regularly) built a company (Information And Technology Services) and then sold it for several hundred million dollars.

He now runs a company that does the same services in a different field. He figured out a winning business formula and repeated it in a foreign market.”


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“Pig farmer. I am not joking. He’s my father’s old friend. I visited him once when my father and I passed through the state. He lives in a modest classic farmhouse with his wife, both in their seventies.

I mentioned I was starting a school in West Africa as we were catching up. A few weeks later, I got a text asking how much it would cost. I told him $40k, thinking it was nice of him if he wanted to send a few dollars.

I got a check for $40k. I thought it would take me years to raise that. I’m typing this from Sierra Leone because he also paid for the house I thought would take years to raise funds for.”


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“It’s a guy I work with. He started with one Jimmy John’s franchise and turned it into ten franchises. I ran them for ten years, then sold them all and dumped the money into the stock market and real estate. He did this all while working as an airline pilot, currently still working at the airline. This guy owns and flies his private jet on top of all that.”


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“Inherited a small factory from his father. He developed it into a huge nationwide company. Still goes to work there every day despite being worth hundreds of millions.”


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“Own their own conveyor belt business. Makes almost two million a year after it’s all said and done.”


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“They inherited a huge corporation. They don’t have to mess it up. The founder’s grandson currently runs it; he has a sister and a brother. They own ten auto dealerships and other things like a winery. 

The grandson told me in a meeting once that he knows he’d be working in a bank or as an accountant or something if he wasn’t born into the family.”


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“Chief Financial Officer, CFO of a large public company. He works 80-hour weeks.”


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“The first is a self-made multimillionaire who’s owned his concrete finishing business since he was about 19. The second is a self-made millionaire who became a very successful accountant who was continually promoted at work, & he consistently bought stock & real estate from a young age.”


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“My ex-father-in-law. They used to own a huge factory that made Nike and Adidas shoes in the 80s and early 90s. Big sneaker companies don’t make any of the actual shoes. They design them and outsource them to an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing plant in Asia). 

Then they pivoted to real estate investments/developments (imagine having the dollars to buy real estate and land at the 80s and 90s prices), and the land is now worth $150 million+.

He is a complete hypocrite and a sociopath, though. He treated service workers like slaves, was rude to them and was generally unpleasant to be around. He’s rich, but he always seemed unhappy.”


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“Truck driver. Starting his own trucking company.”


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“He owns a few Taco Bells and lives on a hill we call Taco Hill.”


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“My neighbor’s son works for the space force and makes six figures.”


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“My workplace’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As far as I know, I attend meetings, sign off paperwork, and have lunches with the mayor and other notable persons.”


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“My friend invested in Shiba crypto coins very early. He made close to a quarter billion dollars. He doesn’t work. Retired at 27, but the funny thing is he is more depressed than I am.”


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“Laboratory medical director. She earns $500,000 annually.”


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“My grandpa was the wealthiest person I have ever known. He founded a business (with two other guys) in New York that sold modular homes. I remember visiting him when I was super young, and he had a very sizable house with quite a few acres out back for growing grapes. Yes, he had a sprawling vineyard out back.

Unfortunately, my grandma got sick and had to be put on dialysis. Her medical treatment practically siphoned all the money my grandpa ever had. He lives in a trailer now. American healthcare at its finest.”

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