While working in a company, you will know its secrets and tactics you can’t share. Won’t it be a shock for other people to know about those secrets? 

A user asked the forum, “What’s a company secret you can share now that you don’t work there?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Health insurance. When you file a claim, it is often denied because they’re counting on you not escalating it. Once you do, your case goes to a ‘Medical management group,’ which ought to be called the ‘We don’t wanna pay’ group.

Keep escalating and involve your doctor. Fight for the insurance you paid for.”


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“Mortgage industry here, we’re like cops, only answer the question asked, do not provide additional information to ‘be helpful,’ it could be used against you.”


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“I worked at L’Oréal. The cosmetics from L’Oréal and Lancôme are practically the same. But Lancôme costs like $20 more.”


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“T-Mobile has two coverage maps. The one they show customers and the real one internally shows the coverage. It was diminished by about 50%. Their coverage is built on a bed of lies!”


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“Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero were the same thing. They kept the recipe the same. They just changed the name and design.”


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“I used to work for a company that rhymes with Muzzbeed, and we used to have somebody post this question every few months for material for one of our clickbait articles.”


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“They are out of business now, but in the early 90s, I worked at Radio Shack for a year and a half. When people would return an item because it didn’t work, the store manager would box it back up and sell it again as if it were new. 

When I asked him about it, he said, ‘Hopefully, they will return it to a different store.’ I nearly got fired when I refused to sell a guy a walkie-talkie Citizen Band Radio that I knew didn’t work.

The guy was on his way out for a hunting trip and was buying three of these for him and his friends. We had two, and the third was the broken one. In front of the customer, I told the manager that one didn’t work and I had tested it. The guy was happy. 

I told him, and we arranged for him to get the last one he needed at a different store, and off he went. The manager was livid with me and nearly fired me. I’m sorry, I’m not sending people out into the forest with gear I know doesn’t work.

Hilariously, a few months later, the manager was caught stealing from the store and fired.”


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“Used to work at a graphic design firm. All our Adobe software was pirated.”


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“I used to work surveillance at a casino. From something like three three-story high ceilings, we could zoom in on money on-the-table games and read the serial numbers of the bills. We could see the pips on the dice. The policy was not to look down blouses.”


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“Inbound call center. The ‘We are currently experiencing an unusually high call volume’ message is permanent. They didn’t staff adequately.”


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“Olive Garden breadsticks are just Franz brand breadsticks, garlic salt, and margarine.”


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“Your luggage at an airport isn’t handled with care.”


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“Hotels do not typically have security, maintenance, or housekeeping on staff 24/7. Once housekeeping finishes cleaning all the rooms, the entire staff leaves except for one front desk employee.”


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“One of our best restaurants in my town is locally famous, and everyone goes there. They say everything is homemade. The thing they are famous for is the hot beef sandwiches with ‘homemade’ potatoes and gravy and the fish fry. The fish fry they also have during the week is listed as an entree called the cod platter.

It is instant Sysco brown gravy mix and instant Sysco mashed potatoes. The cod is only fresh and fried on Fridays. If you order it during the week, it is frozen breaded Sysco ‘fish filets,’ which is a blend of random fish shaped into a stick.”


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“I worked at Best Buy 20 years ago. The employee discount was 5% over the cost, and I needed a new printer. I decided to splurge on the gold-plated USB (Universal Serial Bus) printer cable that we sold for $40. Rang up $1.78.”

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