Is there a celebrity that everyone else finds attractive except you? Like, everyone you know goes gaga over them, but you just shrug at the thought of them being considered beautiful?

Someone recently asked, What very attractive celebrity do you find not so attractive? Following are some interesting responses we want you to have a look at:

Arianna Grande

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“She does not look like she is over 18.”

Jennifer Aniston

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“I know I’ll get tons of hate for this, she’s very beautiful, but she’s not as attractive or hot as everyone says she is.”

John Legend 

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“John Legend. Bro looks like Arthur without his glasses,” said one. 

“His wife says this. To his face.” another added. 

Channing Tatum 

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Channing Tatum. All I see is the thumb thumbs from spy kids,” said one. 

“The first time I saw him, I said to a friend he looks like the Bloodhound gang guys in the monkey costumes and has never gotten past that.” another added.

Adam Levine

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“Agreed! He seems average at best. Plus, the tattoo he has that says “CALIFORNIA” written across his abs just looks ridiculous (to add, in general, I have nothing against guys with tattoos. But just a word with this placement just seems silly).” Said one.

“I’m glad someone said this. If he popped up on a dating app or something, he’d be a quick left with all the others that look exactly like him. He looks like a crappy little womanizer, and I don’t see how that’s attractive?” Replied another.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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“Leonardo DiCaprio. With each passing year, he looks more and more like Jack Nicholson.” Said one.

“As a young man, he was very handsome, but he’s got that thing like John Travolta and some other young pretty boys where as they age, their face gets just like.. wide. Obviously, Leo is not in the best shape anymore, but even if he got super fit, his face isn’t stop being wider than it is long at this point.” Replied another.

Pete Davidson

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“Pete Davidson- apparently he is very attractive,” said one. 

“Dude literally looks like he catches fish with his bare hands and is constantly looking for his prey,” another added.

Harry Styles

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“Harry Styles. Many people obsess over him, but I just don’t see it.” said one. 

“My daughter’s friend said he looked like a Who from Whoville, and I can’t unsee that whenever I look at him now.” another added.

Justin Bieber

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“Never understood Justin Bieber in his teen days (early 2010s). I know I’m a straight male, but I can tell there are way more attractive-looking men than him. I guess teenage girls can beg to differ?” Said one. 

“He looked like Amanda Bynes when she dressed up like a boy in that soccer movie.” Another added.

Kim Kardashian

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“Kim Kardashian. Always seems like she is trying too hard, lol” said one. 

“She looked amazing in 2008, and for a couple of years after that whole family became obsessed with plastic surgery,” said another.

Adam Driver

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“Adam Driver – looks like someone tried to draw Keanu Reeves from memory.” Said one. 

“I have always thought he looked like a version of Keanu Reeves,” Replied another. 

Timothy Chalamet

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“Timothy Chalamet. You can go to any high school and find like 20 boys who look like him, yet he was all the rage when Dune came out.”

“He looks like a Victorian workhouse orphan who just tried Monster Energy for the first time,” another added. 

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