Despite being real, certain facts are often ignored and denied by people. Even people who have experienced these facts firsthand may deny them.  A user asked the forum, “What is denied by many people but is actually 100% real?”


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“You can love someone else without loving yourself first. There are plenty of parents who hate themselves but love their kids.

Not recommending it, but it’s a stupid thing to deny.”


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“If it is happening to someone else, it can happen to you.”


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“You don’t know how to fight unless you’ve been trained or have experience in fighting.

Most people imagine themselves beating only to have reality smash them in the nose. A lot of people even injure themselves just trying to throw punches.”


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“That our memory is very fallible and does not work like a video camera.”


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“A lie detector isn’t reliable.”


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“Being 35-50 wasn’t considered elderly back in the day.

It was common for people to live into their 70’s and 80’s. The reason we get “average lifespan” data with such low numbers is that so many babies died, skewing the average values downward.”


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“People largely deny responsibility for anything they contribute to.”


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“Shaving doesn’t make the hair grow back thicker.”


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“That they are good humans because they have good thoughts. You have to do good to be a good person.

The world is full of people complaining, but we are in need of people willing to sacrifice and not make it about themselves.”


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“That financial success has largely to do with luck (where you were born, who your parents are, etc).”


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“That having children is not for everyone, that it’s not all sunshine and the meaning of life, and millions of people regret being parents.”


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“Invisible health conditions like Dysautonomia, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Also ADHD. People think you are just faking it.”


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“That most people would do some pretty awful things for money if presented the opportunity.

People would like to believe that they have strong morals, but if presented with a button that would kill ten random people in the world in exchange for 1 million dollars, many would press it.

I would guess at least half of the population would, and many would press it multiple times. But not many people would actually admit that they would press it if given the opportunity to.

Maybe I am just too cynical, and not many would press it, but this hypothetical situation is something I think about a lot.”


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“That colds are caused by viruses and not being cold.”


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“Weight bias. Literally, everyone treats overweight people differently.”


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“That people in power don’t care about you.”


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“High fructose corn syrup is worse than real sugar.”


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“Autism diagnoses. Myself and lots of autistic people I know are often told by people who seem to base their entire knowledge of autism off the movie Rain Man are like, “But you don’t seem autistic.”

Research on autism has changed a lot since the 80’s but public perception has changed very little.”


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“Talked to a bunch of fanboys about this, but Taylor Swift was born rich, and I mean mega-rich, with 9 figure money on both sides of her family; all these people thought she came up from nothing.”


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“Religion was made up to explain inexplainable natural phenomena.”


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“That opened containers of Baking Powder and Baking Soda lose their efficacy in baking over time. Make sure to replace them every six months or so to ensure your baked goods cook properly.”


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“That Donald Trump is an idiot, a compulsive liar, a criminal, and a terrible businessman. (He bankrupted a casino!).”

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