Baby boomers are often stereotyped for being out of touch with modern technology and culture, but there are plenty of things that people of all ages can agree with them on.

An internet user asked, “What is something you can say ‘I’m with the boomers on this one’ about?”. And the following responses seemed most relatable to us.

Automated Call Assistants Are Useless!

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“Calling any business and getting an automated system that takes you 12 minutes to get through doesn’t answer your question, and you can’t get a real person.”, said one. 

“I just want to yell into the phone- let me speak to an actual human!!!”, another added.

The Sound Effects In Movies And TV Shows 

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“Movies, and some TV shows for that matter, *are* mixed idiotically these days.  I don’t appreciate having to crank the volume way up to hear the whispered dialogue only to have a music swell or explosion or something blow my head clean off. No amount of tweaking my sound system has fixed this.” 

Kids Don’t Need Well-Curated Setups While Playing Outdoors 

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“Kids do great with totally unstructured outdoor play. They don’t need an organized game or activity. If you take a bunch of kids to a park and keep an eye on them they’ll figure out stuff to do together and often come up with creative and interesting things that adults wouldn’t have thought of. Just keep them physically safe and let them run around and do kid stuff. You don’t need to curate everything.” 

Persistent Loud Music Is Deafening!

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“Persistent loud music in your ears WILL make you go partially deaf.”, said one. 

“This isn’t even a boomer take IMO, just science. Especially things like concerts, it’s so normal for people to go without any hearing protection and just slowly destroy their hearing. As a musician, hearing loss is a terrifying idea, so I’m pretty careful about that stuff.”, another added. 

Letting Kids Use Smartphones In Public Spaces 

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“Parents who let their kids use tablets in public spaces with the volume all the way up, no headphones, and not doing it to stop an imminent tantrum (if they truly cannot get the kid out of that shared space for some reason) are trashy. Fight me.”

Children’s Access To Social Media 

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“Social media is unhealthy and children shouldn’t have unrestricted access to the internet.”

Physical Books

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“In my opinion, It is so much more satisfying to read a physical book than an Ebook.”

‘My Kid Is Never Wrong’ Attitude

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“The ‘my kid is never wrong’ attitude every parent seems to have now. And we wonder why there’s a teacher shortage.” 

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Should Accept Cash

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“It should be illegal for brick-and-mortar businesses to not accept cash.”, said one. 

“Agree with this one especially because it is discriminatory against people who don’t have a bank account. Just because someone is poor or transient doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to pay with the only form of currency that *is* available to them.”, another added. 

Qr Codes For Menus Are Awful

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“Qr codes for menus are awful.”, said one. 

“We went to a restaurant over the weekend.  They have a paper wine/alcohol menu, but a QR code menu for food. 

We as a group of 10 asked for paper menus.  They had a total of 4…for the restaurant.  The number of seats was estimated at 150.” Another added. 

Manners Aren’t Taught Anymore 

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“Manners! I agree that kids aren’t taught anymore like they should be.”, said one. 

“8th-grade teacher here. This is a SERIOUS problem and I have definitely sided with the boom-booms on this one. Too many parents have actively made the decision to not uphold their end of the social contract.” Another added. 

Tattoos Ain’t Cool Anymore 

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“Don’t get tattoos on your face.”, said one. 

“Tattoos were kinda cool back when 1 in 100 people had them. Now it’s 99 out of 100 and most of them look stupid and awful.” Another added. 

Not Everything Needs A Website

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“NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS A SITE. Went to my city’s administration office to get an appointment to renew my ID, and was told I had to fill a module on their site.  

What followed was me trying to understand how the hell to fill up the most contorted questionnaires I’ve ever seen.

For the love of God, if you don’t have the budget to make a decent site don’t make it the only way to get a service! This is also directed to every restaurant who has made me fill 3+ pages of questions on their horrible site just to book a table.” 

Gender Reveal Parties For Unborns Aren’t Cool

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“Just tell us if you are having a boy or girl.  Or wait until the baby is born. We don’t need to assemble for some ridiculous reveal. I don’t want pink or blue dust all over the place.” 

Everyone Must Know How To Write A Professional Email 

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“Learn to write a professional email. The number of Gen Z kids I’ve had who send me emails without salutations, with emojis and shorthand like lol omg etc, without proper spelling and punctuation, is crazy.

That is fine for texting or exchanges with people you’re friends with, but it’s not for the workplace.” 

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