What’s something guys feel only they can understand?

An internet user asked, “What’s the best example of ‘only the guys would understand this?’.” Here are the top responses.

The Urinal Puzzle

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“Five urinals against a single wall means there are only three urinals.”

Nausea You Feel When You Get Hit Down There

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“The nausea you feel when you get hit in the balls. It’s a specific type of nausea that I don’t think can be compared to other nausea, like the ones you get when you have food poisoning or drink too much.”

Nodding Back

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“Chin up if we know each other. Chin down if we don’t. It’s just instinct.”

Social Distancing In The Hot Tub

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“Chilling in the hot tub with your favorite homie but 5 feet apart because we’re not gay.”

Far-Fetched Imaginary Scenarios

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“Sometimes, you assess the environment you’re in and play far-fetched scenarios out in your head: ‘If someone held me at gunpoint in this room, I would throw that chair at them then run out that door over there…’.”

The Campfire Conversations

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“Having unusually personal and deep conversations while staring into a campfire.”

Short-Time Memory Loss

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“Spend a chunk of time with a buddy and SO asks what you talked about…Women don’t understand that we can talk about everything under the sun and 30 seconds later will not be able to recount a single thing.

Also, my wife always asks why the guys have to go to the garage whenever we go to somebody’s house…”

The Urge To Throw A Big Rock

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“The urge to throw a big rock into the water, roll a big rock off a cliff, etc. Big rock is good.”

Crunchy Leaves Are The Best

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“Crunchy leaves are the best, sloppy leaves are an anticlimax.”, said one.

“Crunchy leaves are one of the things I look forward to most about autumn. I try to make sure I get to them before the rain ruins them. In my neighborhood, there are a couple of pepper trees and when you step on them when they are freshly fallen they make a satisfying pop!”, another added.

Sitting With Your Legs Apart

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“Sitting with your legs apart. I promise, I’m not ‘manspreading’, or making some kind of political statement- I’m just trying not to crush my nuts between my thighs and the seat.”

The Probability Of Committing Suicide

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“Men are significantly more likely than women to commit suicide, after all. When males are expected to be stoic and keep their emotions and mental health private, that is what happens.”

The Height Comparison

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“Straightening up the body posture when a physically fit dude is coming from the other side and comparing heights.”

Bathroom Etiquette At The Urinals

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“Bathroom etiquette at the urinals. It’s okay to look straight up, straight down, or straight forward but never towards the guys standing on either side of you.

Pretty much an unspoken rule. I doubt any of us were ever taught to do this but it’s just like an innate behavior that we all accept.”

The Line Between Smiling And Being Friendly With Kids

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“The line between smiling and being friendly with kids at the park, so you don’t scare the moms, and smiling and being *too* friendly with kids at the park, and scaring the moms.

Having to call your daughter or son over to the park bench every 15 minutes so the moms see you actually have a child here, and don’t call the cops on you.”

Having Absolutely Nothing Going On In Your Head

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“Having absolutely nothing going on in your head. Makes it hard to talk. I mostly just respond instead of coming up with things to say.”

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