To all the men out there, what’s your reason behind growing a beard? A netizen recently asked, “Why do you have a beard?” Below are the top responses.

No Strong Chin Plus Feels Regal

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“I don’t have a strong chin.

Plus, it’s starting to get these long white hairs as I age so it makes me feel regal.”

Beard Makes Me Look Younger

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“I look about 14 years old if I shave. Plus, the military told me how to look the whole time I was in, and now that I’m not, I get to decide and I decided shaving is awful and I don’t wanna do it anymore.”

The Beard Hides My Double Chin

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“I have a double chin. It’s slight but always been there. Even when I weighed 135 pounds at 6’3″, it was there. The beard effectively hides it and makes my face appear narrower.

I am currently the daddy of a 12-year-old little girl. She tells me that the boys in her school think I am scary. I like to encourage that sentiment. Beard isn’t going anywhere.”

Beards Are The Makeup For Men

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“Beards are the makeup for men”, said one.

“Exactly! I can outline my jaw structure and accent the lips. It really is makeup for men. I work in retail sales in fashion, so keeping it neat and trimmed is a chore but worth it in the end.

I usually keep it at 1.5 – 3 mm but once in a while, I’ll grow it out and get it to an inch or more.”, another added.

Because Of My Niece

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“Because I grew a beard and a couple of months later my niece was born. Little kids get scared if you change your face (even glasses) so I never shaved it off. She’s 14 now.”

My Hair Migrated When I Went Bald

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“Because as I started going bald in my early 20’s, the hair migrated to fill in my typically patchy beard and I ran with it.”

I Wouldn’t Be Recognized Without It

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“I’ve had a beard for a longer time than not having one, About two-thirds of my life. I wouldn’t be recognized without it. I’m not sure if I would recognize myself lol.”

Because My Workplace Required Me To Be Clean Shaven For 7+ Years

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“Because I worked somewhere that required me to be clean-shaven for 7+ years. Haven’t shaved clean since I quit there.”

Small Chin, Big Cranium

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“Small chin, big cranium. A big beard brings balance to the force.”

My Wife’s Wishes

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“My wife told me to grow one and not to shave it. That was 9 years ago. I keep it washed and nice looking, about to the middle of my chest now. The red is starting to turn white though, I’m gonna let it grow till I look like Gandalf.”

Got Older, Styles Changed

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“Just got older, styles/taste changed so I grew one. It’d feel weirder to not have one now.”

Shaving Gave Me Acne

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“I discovered back in High School that if I didn’t shave, I didn’t get as much acne. Turned out that most of what I thought was acne was actually ingrown hairs from my beard. Dang beard is like fine wire.

Kept it because I like it. My Lady wife loves it.”

Hate Shaving Every Day

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“Because my genetics see it fit that I can grow a beard in a week and I hate shaving every day and it makes my wife happy.”

Post Covid Makeover

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“Went facial hairless for the first 28 years of life. Then covid hit, decided to try new things (beard was one of them), and now I can’t go back. It looks better and my wife loves it.”

Easier To Manage

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“It’s easier to just trim every few weeks than to be constantly thinking about when I need to shave it completely (plus it physically takes less effort to trim than to go clean-shaven).”

A Direct Result Of Religion

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“Mine is a direct result of religion. The church I grew up in, had too many rules, and men had to be clean-shaven. When I left the church, I started growing it, in part because I always wanted facial hair and was not allowed.

I am not told what to do anymore. I find it hilarious that even ‘close friends’ from the church avoid me like the plague.”

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