People are running behind fashion trends without even thinking if that is good for them. Are you one of them?

A user asked the forum, “What is the fashion trend that you can’t stand but seems normal for the rest of the people?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Fake pockets and zippers.”


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“Beige leggings. Those leggings that make you double take on some people, like, why are they pumping gas Winnie the Pooh style?”


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“Everything oversized and most of it ‘cropped.’ It’s hard to find sweaters that aren’t six inches long and four feet wide.”


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“That weird super-clean cut beard/hairline look. It looks like someone cut their hair while thinking of calculating a hypotenuse.”


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“Those fake eyelashes that make you look like you’re two blinks away from flying off.”


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“Eyebrows brushed upwards. So weird looking.”


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“Too long fake nails. You do you, but I hate seeing those everywhere. How do you even function with two inches of clicky-clacky plastic on your fingers?

Doesn’t it make everything you do 100x harder? Eating a sandwich, driving a car, getting your phone out of your purse, tying your shoes, holding a spoon, turning a doorknob, and sneezing.”


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“Broccoli haircuts. Since when do so many guys have curly hair? Do they curl it themselves? I need answers.”


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“Long denim skirts. They’re so trendy right now, and I’m not sure why. Not flattering at all.”


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“Skin-tight bodysuits. I never saw anyone wear these until I moved to Florida; people always wear them. Onesie bodysuits that look like singlets. They give instant front bottom and don’t look good on anyone.”


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“Over lining lips, people can tell; they look stupid and clownish.”


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“Jeans with holes in them, especially those that pretty much show your entire leg and look like you are wearing rags.”


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“Men’s dress slacks are too tight and look like high waters. Looks like their pants are too small. Also, I’m not going sockless in my $250 loafers. They’d be ruined by sweat in a few outings.”


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“Women’s shirts with holes in the shoulders. Like shoulder windows? I dont get it. I don’t like it.”


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“The new trend of face tattoos. I can’t help but think people will regret them majorly.”


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“High-waisted jeans. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a diaper, and I can’t find regular jeans in the mall anymore. Even more infuriating are those bikini bottoms that go up over your hips and up your butt crack.”


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“Young women wearing tons of perfume seem to be in style. I have allergies and can’t breathe when some of them pass me on the street these days.”

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