What makes a person truly good or bad? While there is no definitive answer, subtle signs can indicate someone’s character.

From empathetic listening to consistent kindness, these behaviors can reveal a person’s true natur A Redditor asked on the forum, what is a subtle sign that someone is a GOOD person?

Here are the top picks:


1. Active Listening

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Active listening is a valuable skill that ensures everyone is heard and included in conversations. 

“I have a friend who is good at acknowledging when people speak. So when we’re in a group, and people naturally might cut someone off just by the nature of the conversation, they do an amazing job at redirecting the conversation to ask what it was you wanted to say to ensure no one gets ignored or feels left out.” said one.


2. Gives Notice When Running Late

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Giving notice when running late is a vital sign of respect and responsibility. Lack of communication can strain relationships and cause frustration.

“They call you when they’re going to be late instead of leaving you twisting in the wind.” said one.

“Seriously, it’s incredible how this isn’t the norm for many people. I’ve ended so many friendships with people because they see no problem with being late af or not showing up to something we planned. Then they somehow can’t comprehend why I’m mad about being left waiting with no notice at all for hours.

We live in a world where we can talk to people on the other side of the planet in seconds, and people can’t be bothered to let somebody know they’re going to be late.” another added.


3. Authentically Supportive

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It shows emotional maturity and empathy when genuinely happy for others’ successes. It doesn’t matter if we understand the reason behind their achievements; we celebrate them nonetheless, making us good people.

“Good people are genuinely happy when good things happen to other people, even when they don’t ‘get’ why it’s a good thing or if it was something they also wanted.” said one.


4. Acts Of Kindness

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A person’s character is defined by actions, especially when not seeking recognition. Secretly doing something generous is a sign of pure intentions and honorable motives.

“If you catch them secretly doing something generous, that’s usually something only a person with honorable motives will do.” a user said.

“After my grandfather passed away, my mom discovered that he had a tab at the grocery store and that he anonymously paid for a widow’s groceries in their tiny town. I never met the man, and she puts him on a pedestal, but I’ve always hoped this was an honorable act.” shared one.


5. Selfless Acts

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Performing genuine acts of kindness without seeking any reward or recognition is a selfless act. The value of such actions lies in the joy of giving and helping others.

“When people do genuinely nice things without expecting a reward or recognition, he is a good person,” said one.

“Being good and making that person’s day is my reward. The fact that my existence helped someone who needed it is an amazing feeling.” another said.


6. Compliments in Absentia

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Saying nice things about others behind their backs shows a person is good.

“Good people say nice things about others behind their backs.” said one.

“I always say your best friends are the ones who will say horrendous things to your face and wonderfully kind things behind your back.” another said.


7. Parenting With Patience

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Effective communication with children requires patience and kindness. Talking to children politely and lovingly, even when tired and frustrated, can help build healthy and strong relationships.

“Good people talk to their children in a polite, loving way, even when they’re tired and frustrated.” said one.

“My parents were like that. One of the most gentle and nice people I’ve met to this date; the more I’m growing and remembering memories of them, the more I adore them and aspire to be like them.” another added.


8. Respect For Service Staff

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Treating service staff respectfully and recognizing their humanity should be the norm, not an exception. Small gestures like remembering their names can go a long way in creating a positive impact.

“Treating service staff as human beings is the no.1 indicator for me. Which is so depressing when you think about it.” said one.

“I told someone one of my New Year’s resolutions once was to remember server names better. She looked at me like I was the freaking Buddha. Sadly, that is seen as something so unusual.” said another.


9. Consistent Kindness Despite Conflict

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Consistent kindness, even in the face of conflict, shows a person’s ability to separate their emotions from their behavior. Simple gestures like saying hello or I love you can make a big difference in relationships.

“Even when they’re angry or having a bad day, or they got into an argument with you, they say good morning or hi every day without fail. They are good people.” a user said.

“My mom had a rule that no matter how angry or upset we were at each other or how bad of a day we were having, we always say I love you when leaving the house. Same with going to bed, and we’d always greet each other in the morning.” another shared.


10. Understanding Before Responding

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Taking the time to listen and understand someone’s perspective before responding empathetically shows a person’s willingness to consider different viewpoints and find common ground, leading to more effective communication and mutual respect.

“They honestly try to understand where someone who disagrees with them is coming from before they respond.” said one.


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