Singlehood is a familiar landscape, with countless paths leading to this state. Some wander here simply because they haven’t yet stumbled upon the right companion. Others cultivate their careers or knowledge, prioritizing self-growth over shared moments. Still, some choose this path deliberately, savoring the independence and solitude that single life offers.

A user asked the forum, “What’s the primary reason you’re still single?”. Here are some responses he got!


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“I’m 63 and single because the only woman I have loved passed away after 33 years of marriage. Apart from the obvious reason I am happy with my memories, thank you.”


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“Trust issues, terrified of commitment, in love with someone I can’t be with.

I long for an intimate relationship with a stable partner, but I can get into ill-defined pseudo-relationships with an easy out.

Plus, I’ve been functionally single for long enough now that I’m used to having my own space/time.”


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“I have unlimited peace.”


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“I’m so depressed. I’m afraid to bring in another person with me.”


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“Because I want to be. I’m happy in my own company and find socializing mentally exhausting.”


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“I’m recently single after almost 18 years of marriage and that is why I will stay that way.”


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“I’m childish. I work, go home, and play video games all day.”


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“I work in a graveyard, so fewer chances to interact. I’m not a standout in looks or stuff. I’m boring and plain at initial contact, but I don’t share interests with my age cohort. I also had a high strikeout ratio when I was younger, affecting my confidence in approaching. Don’t use online apps.”


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“I’m too lazy socializing or installing dating apps, I think.”


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“Not looking for a relationship until I’ve reached the goals I’m working towards that are more important to me now.”


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“Poor social skills mainly.”


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“I need peace. I was in the most toxic relationship for years and finally ended it a few months ago, and it’s been great.”


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“I like my space so much that I’d have to be pretty much in love with you to appreciate your presence constantly. It’s a sound mechanism, and I haven’t been hurt for years, but solitaire has a shelf life.”


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“How should I know that? I have never approached a woman.”


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“I like being alone and simply lack the desire to be in a relationship.”


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“My age. Being disabled. Lack of single guys in my area. Mostly, it’s the disability.”

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