When we have a bad experience in the store, we are less likely to revisit it. If we ever do, we will never be satisfied. 

A user asked the forum, “How did a business permanently lose you as a customer?” 

Here are the common responses. 


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“DirecTV. They let you buy any movie or channel package online or with a remote, but you have to call their 1-800 number to cancel something. After sitting on hold forever and then having to sit through several offers on other channels and packages, I just cut the cord.”


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“AutoTrader Online. I bought a car out of state, and they never transported it. They also never handled the paperwork. The seller and I had to do it all ourselves.

Weeks of phone calls with AutoTrader ending in, ‘we promise,’ ‘doing that now,’ ‘just shipped,’ and ‘you should hear from them within X hours.’ Two months passed. Autotrader, I don’t believe your lies. Thank goodness the seller was a decent human.”


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“Vivid Seats. I purchased a floor ticket for a concert and was sent a mezzanine (2nd floor) ticket and, unfortunately, didn’t notice till I got to the concert. Floor tickets were way more expensive than the tickets I received. 

Vividseats refused to refund me because ‘the seller fulfilled my order.’ It doesn’t matter if you don’t get what you pay for. I filed a chargeback with my credit card and learned that I won this morning. I won’t ever use them again; customer service was horrible.”


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“The last time I went to Panera, it was $40 for two of us. My soup had no solids; my sandwich had many ingredients, and the employees were rude as if we inconvenienced them by walking in the door. Never again, Panera.”


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“Target stopped me at the door because they thought they saw me putting products in my pocket. Knowing nothing was in my pockets, I let them do the whole routine before turning my pockets and revealing I was putting my cell phone back in my pocket. People have pockets. You don’t need to accuse people loudly in front of other guests unless you’re sure.”


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“Not my story, but when I was working at Taco Bell, a man called us to say that we didn’t add sour cream to his item. He said, ‘You mark this day on your calendar because I am never coming back.’ Taco Bell has never recovered from his leaving.”


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“Glassdoor. They’re messed up and make you leave a review to read reviews. On top of that, they delete reviews posted by employees. I just want to know if the company I’m applying for is a bad company. That’s it.”


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“Hertz. For claiming their cars were stolen and getting warrants placed on said car renters.”


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“T-Mobile deleted voicemails from my deceased mom and wouldn’t recover them for me.”


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“Dollar Rent a Car has the most insane policies ever, and people with the mental capacity of a saltine cracker work in the customer service department. Never again. I’ll walk to a sporting goods store and buy myself a pair of skates to get where I want to go before ever renting a car from them again.”


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“Recently, Subway. I went in there recently, and a 6-inch sandwich, chips, and a drink was about $14. That’s insane. That’s sit-down restaurant prices.”


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“I walked into a gun store here in town. Before I even said anything, the guy at the counter said if you aren’t going to buy anything, I’m not wasting my time showing you anything. Nope. Never been back.”


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“Got an impromptu craving for ice cream, so turned into Dairy Queen (DQ). It took forever, and then, when I was at the window, I watched my ice cream sitting there melting while the manager was straight up berating and cursing the other employees out. No, thank you.”


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“Walmart harassed me over a receipt. I showed them the receipt, but that wasn’t enough for them. They wanted to go down the list, check every item and waste my time. I’ve never gone back. I don’t like shopping at stores that assume every customer is a thief.”


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“I took my Civic to a Honda dealership I’d never been to for a free recall service. While it’s there, they call and tell me I have the brake light out. They will put a bulb in for free since I’m new, and here’s a chance to make a friend and be sure I come back when I need service.

‘Do you want it fixed? It’ll be $60.’ I asked if they were serious, and they replied, ‘Yeah, these Civics, you have to take the fender off to get to the bulb.’ I said, ‘No thanks. I’ll take care of it’. 

On the way back, I bought the bulb for $5 and replaced it in their parking lot by pulling back the carpet in the trunk. 30 seconds. For $5, they could have had a customer for life. Instead, I tell everyone not to go there.”


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“McDonald’s. I was coming off of a late shift (2 in the night). The 24-hour McDonalds didn’t have any working card readers. I decided this wasn’t worth the overpriced McNuggets. It’s been 60 days since my last McDonald’s, and I lost five pounds. So yeah, I don’t see a reason to go back.”


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“Wells Fargo. They held the mortgage on our house. We had paid on time, every time, for many years. I lost my job (my wife stayed employed) and continued to pay uninterrupted for those eight months. The new job was a 25% increase over the previous job and was in the same field. 

About three months after my new job, the interest rates dropped, and we decided to refinance. They would not refinance us because I did not have at least six months of steady employment. 

They already held the loan, I made more money than ever before, my wife and I were employed, I had about 50% equity, our retirement accounts were enough to pay the house 8X over, and they would not work with us. We left for a credit union.”


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“Dyson, because I bought their top-of-the-line cordless vacuum, and its advertised functions stopped working on three separate units after a month.”

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