If I could ban a few things I find pathetic once and for all, here is what would be on my list:

An internet user asked, What would you ban if you knew you had the final say? Below are the 15 most interesting responses:

Pop Up Adverts

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“The pop-up adverts that trick you into clicking by making the X icon to have a box that’s only one pixel so you tap on the advert regardless.” Said one.

“Or the ones that have a fake x and “close” button that are part of the ad image but it’s actually on a 30-second timer for the real x to pop up.” Another added.

News That’s Technically Not News

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“News” that’s not technically news so they can say whatever the hell they want and present it as truth. I honestly believe so so many of the issues we face today can be traced back to the spin they put on things to obscure objectivity.”

Hidden Fees

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“Hidden fees. Including sales tax, auto gratuity, convenience fees, cleaning fees, credit card fees, All of it.

If you want to charge it, you need to include it in the upfront cost. The price you show on the menu/advertisement/website is the price you pay at checkout. Period.”

Scammy YouTube Ads

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“Those crappy ads on youtube that say can get a Nintendo Switch for $7. why? because it’s obviously a scam directed specifically at kids.” Said one.

“I hate that I can’t report youtube ads for being scams, I’ve reported the fake Mr Beast ads at least 20 times already.” Another added.

Recipe Websites With Irrelevant Information

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“Recipe websites that take 16 novels of personal story and 20 hours of scrolling to get to the ingredients.”

“My husband has made this comment sooooo many times when trying a blog recipe lol. “Why the hell do I need to know where the blueberries were harvested from and if the person harvesting has a farmhouse?”.” Another added.

Congressional Stock Trading

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“I fully believe the world would be a much better place if one of the rules behind being able to run for government is you have to relinquish all business assets permanently to even begin the process of entering elections.”

Politicians Exploiting Their Positions

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“I would make it counted as high treason if a politician exploits their position for their own personal gain or that of their family with a department being formed around monitoring them and their families assets with between 1-4 random checks to be completed annually.”

Content Tuning Algorithms On Social Media

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“*Content tuning algorithms on social media.* They all are being tuned to force-feed rage bait content and it’s radicalizing people and fracturing our society. A simple and effective thing to say would be “If a social media platform suggests or customizes content viewed by its users, they’re responsible for the content posted and the accuracy of the content”.

They can’t have it both ways: force-feeding rage bait content and then waving their hands and crying foul saying that “they didn’t write it so they shouldn’t be responsible” when it’s misinformation and propaganda.”

Sky High Medical Costs

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“It still baffles me that people in some countries don’t even want to take an ambulance ride to the hospital, people shouldn’t have their bank accounts hostage for an injury or life-threatening conditions they have no control over.”

Child Beauty Pageants & Dance Competitions

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“Child beauty pageants. Everyone involved, straight to hell.” Said one.

“Don’t forget dance competitions. My exes BFF had her 8-year-old daughter on a dance team. I went to a show expecting tutus and cute dance routines. Nope, they had them in leotards twirling boas while wearing stripper makeup twerking, thrusting and chair dancing. I was disgusted and snuck out after the first 10 minutes. Every one of those moms should be charged with crimes against children.” Another added.


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“Ticketmaster. Make artists sell tickets directly.” Said one.

“Or just eliminate exclusivity deals TM is somehow legally allowed to have.” Another added.

Changing Road Names

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“Road names changing anywhere along its length. One name for the entire length.  No other road with a similar name within 20 miles.  Main St and Main Ave would require one of them to get a new name.  Roads interrupted by a building or something would need two names, one for each part.

Sorry Atlanta, you only get one Peachtree road.”

“Pranking” Videos

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“I was on a date in central park once when some jerks did this “moving bush” thing, almost kicked the dude in the head.”

Puppy Mills

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“As a kid growing up in the 80’s the indoor malls had stores with puppies inside a small cage for sale. I thought it was disgusting…this was California.”

Insanely Inbred Animals

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“Pugs and any other domesticated animal that’s so inbred it’s a danger to the animal’s own health.” Said one.

“I want to create “reverse breeding” where we take the healthiest traits of each breed and crossbreed until we can’t even tell what breed they are. Just an overall generic but incredibly healthy doggo.” Another added.

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