Road games are always fun and the best way to spend holidays. Would you consider playing these games?

A user asked the forum, “What’s a good game to play on the road that isn’t ‘I Spy’?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Smurfing. We have also played this at parties, but it is a good road-trip game.

One person is the guesser. That person puts their hands on their ears/headphones while the rest of the players choose a word. It can be any verb, but the crazier, the better, such as farting, kissing, pooping, etc.

After the term has been chosen, the guesser tries to guess the word by going around the circle (car) and asking questions. Since they don’t know the word, they call it ‘smurfing.'”


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“We call it: Who am I? You are someone famous, or everybody knows (like your dad), and the others have to guess only by asking questions that can be requested with yes or no. 

Also, you can write a name on a post-it and stick it to someone’s forehead; then they have to guess who they are, only using questions you can answer with yes or no.”


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“The Cow Game! Rules are as follows: If you see cows, you yell out how many you see. You get that many cows. If you see a barn, call it out. You get five cows. Only the first person to see the cows/barn gets the points.

If you’re the first to see a church or church spire, you call it out and double your cows. If you’re the first to see a graveyard, you call it out, and everyone except for you has their number of cows halved. The hardcore version: everyone else loses all of their cows. Whoever has the most cows at the end of the trip wins!”


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“I like math, so I used to play 24 or a derivative of it. When someone sees a plate, reads the four numbers out loud, and everyone tries to make 24 out of these numbers through mathematical operations. 

You don’t have to use license plates; someone can just put numbers and a target number, e.g., out of 7, 3s make 35. If you use random numbers, now and then, you won’t be able to get to the target, but this adds some variety over 24.”


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“Start with A. Everyone names as many bands/movies/etc that start with that letter. The person who can’t loses that round. Continue with B and repeat. I’ve lost hours doing this.”


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“I call it Aesop’s Fables, although it may have other names. You play with three or more people. One person is ‘Aesop,’ they must think of a letter without telling others. The other people then say short sentences; if the sentence does or does not have the letter, the person says yes or no. Then the people collaboratively have to guess the letter.”


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“Contact. One person is the leader to start, and they think of a word. Let’s say they think of the word snake. Everyone else is now trying to guess this word.

The leader starts by giving out the first letter, for, e.g., S. The rest of the group begins thinking of words that start with S, and they try to give definitions/clues to the word without saying it.”


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“Random game. You think up something random. Everyone else gets to argue why it’s not random unless everyone agrees that it is truly random, and you get the point, and the play moves along to the next person who gets to say something unexpected. 

If anyone gives convincing proof that it isn’t random, you don’t get a point, and the next person’s turn begins. The longer you play, the more difficult it becomes. I thought I was good at this game until you ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) kids came along and ruined it with your scattered brains.”


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“Punch buggy! See a Volkswagen Beetle call out the color and punch the person sitting next to you in the arm.”


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“Probably the license plate game. You try and see a license plate from each state or whatever, but it’s a game that takes quite a while.”


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“Probably pretty terrible for Americans, but car cricket worked for me as a kid in Australia. A car of a certain color that passes you gives you a certain amount of runs. For e.g., White 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Black 4, Yellow 6, and if you pass a red car, it is a wicket, and the next player has their turn. Sounds bad, but it worked for me.”


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“Play 3ds. Super Smash Bros is a fun game.”


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“The name game! Someone starts by naming a famous person, let’s say Betty White. The following person has to name a famous person whose first name begins with the same letter as the previous last name. 

In this case, it’s W, so the second person could say William Shakespeare, and then the third person has to say something whose first name starts with S.

Single-name people don’t change the letter, while alliteration reverses the direction (which is great when two people get into an alliteration war).

You can limit it to real people, characters, living people, etc., to make it harder or more accessible.”


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“Stereotype. You point out a car ahead of you, and everyone guesses what the driver and occupants look like. Then, when the car passes them, you see who guessed correctly. Very fun.”


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“We play the Convertible Game. Only convertibles with the top-down count, and only if the driver is present (top-down in a parking lot doesn’t count unless the driver is in the driver’s seat).

One point for each convertible. Five points if the driver is bald/balding. Ten points if the driver is bald/balding with a ‘trophy wife.’ Double all points if it is actively raining.”

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