Hobbies can be a great way to unwind and take a break from the stresses of daily life. However, some hobbies can be very time-consuming and expensive.

Here are some fun hobbies that don’t require a massive investment of time or money. Our Redditors have shared a great list that frugalistas would love.


1. Beachcombing for Sea Glass

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Beachcombing for sea glass is a relaxing and rewarding hobby that involves walking along a beach and searching for colorful, weathered pieces of glass, which can be used for art, jewelry, or home decor.

“If you have a beach near you looking for sea glass is a relaxing pastime, my parents go on at least two walks a week, and you can come up with some pretty cool stuff.” said one.

“My dad got into this. He rented a house in Florida for a long time and recently bought one. He’s been collecting glass for a long time and has jars for different colors, and he uses them to decorate under the glass on his coffee and dining table.” said another.


2. Browsing Wikipedia

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Browsing Wikipedia and following curiosity can be a fun and engaging hobby for learning various topics. 

“Browsing Wikipedia and letting your mind just wander – keep asking, “how does that work” “why does this happen” and “what’s that?”. I used to do this in high school when I was pondering going to art school; a few Wikipedia binges later, I wanted to become a neuroscientist; 8 years on, I’m working on my second degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. Wikipedia changed my life with this one hobby.” a user said.


3. Gardening

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Gardening is a hobby that involves cultivating and nurturing plants, often to produce food or enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces. It can be a relaxing and rewarding way to connect with nature.

“Gardening. Growth takes time, but plant care is not too demanding.” said one. “Also propagating trees from cuttings. Rooting hormone is super cheap, and some potting soil, and soon enough, free copies of your favorite tree.” another added.

“It is super cheap, relaxing, gets you outdoors, and if you grow fruit or veg, its healthy and fresh food, even if it’s just growing a few tomato plants.” another said.


4. Origami 

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Origami is a hobby that involves folding paper into intricate and beautiful shapes, often without scissors or glue.

“origami!!! as long as you’re patient, Youtube can allow you to make most anything, from straightforward models to very high-level models, and all it takes is paper, patience, and time!” a user added. 

“My middle school students are really into origami. Even some of my tough boys make stars, sunglasses, and animals – it’s so cool when they’re excited to show me something they’ve made!” said another.


5. Cooking 

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Cooking is preparing food for oneself or others, and exploring different cultures and cuisines can be a creative, relaxing, and enjoyable hobby.

“Cooking is the best: Lose Weight/Eat healthier, Save Money, Impress Everyone, Learn new skills and Reduce environmental impact. “said one.

“within a few months, the initial investment paid for itself, and from then on, you’ll eat better and save money. Cheapest hobby.” said another.


6. Bouldering

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Bouldering is a form of recreational activity that involves the physical and mental challenge of scaling rocks or artificial walls without the assistance of ropes or harnesses. 

“Bouldering! It’s childlike, challenging, and always fun! You don’t need friends or awkward acquaintances, but those are also good! And you can hurt yourself outside too!” said one.

“Started indoor rock climbing this past year, and it’s so fun – great exercise. After four months, we lost pounds, gained muscle, and my A1C levels went from pre-diabetes range to well within ordinary.” said another.


7. Knitting

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Knitting is a tactile and creative hobby, and you work with yarn and needles to create intricate and beautiful textiles in this hobby.

“For me, knitting. You can make it as cheap or as expensive as you’d like. I am on a budget, but can easily find cheap yarn and needles, especially on sale.” a Redditor said. 

“Knitting is awesome. I used to go to a thrift shop, and there were hundreds of balls of yarn for super cheap.” a user added.


8. Reading

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Reading: The king of frugal hobbies. Reading can educate you about the world or grip you with an amazing tale. You probably have a library near you with good books available for free. From literature to biographies, poetry to blogs – there is something for everyone.” said one.

“The library is such an underutilized resource! I didn’t start going until I was an adult, and I missed out!” said another.


9. Dancing 

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“Dancing. Start with any style and stick with it. You don’t have to enroll in any special classes. Youtube is your best friend.” a user said.

“I highly recommend it. It’s super fun and as expensive and time-consuming as you want it to be. You can use youtube tutorials, attend social dances, attend regular classes, take private lessons with good instructors, or travel to events.” another added.


10. Working Out

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“Working out. It’s cheap, gets fun once you’re over the hump, gives you energy, makes you look and feel better, and keeps your health intact.

You don’t need to join a gym or run 5 miles daily. You can start with simple, no-weight exercises at home. Stretch, work out, and cool down. You can kill 45 – 60 minutes a day super easy, and it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.” a Redditor said.

We hope you liked this discussion. Comment and let us know your frugal hobby, we would love to know.

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