A Redditor shared on a popular forum how he declined a salary, got called back, then offered the same salary again.


The Original Poster (OP) had a quick phone chat about a management job he was interested in. He would’ve had to move since it was a few hours away.

OP asked the hiring manager what the salary was, and he said it was $X. OP said that he was not interested because he makes over $20,000 more than that. The guy said he understood, so they ended the call.

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What Happened Next?

A few days later, he called back and said the management would like to do a Zoom meeting. OP figured they must have decided to offer him more than he was making then, which made sense because he is very experienced in his industry. So OP did the Zoom meeting.

It went well, and he thought he would get an offer soon.

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The next day they emailed and asked OP to drive out there to meet them. OP said ok, but OP needed to see the benefits and salary confirmed.

Then the guy offered OP the same amount as on the original call, where he said he wasn’t interested. OP emailed back and said that he was not interested and best of luck.

He asks what is wrong with people?

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What Do Redditors Have To Say On This?

“Pressure tactic. Harder to say no in person.” said one.

“I think, even if they bumped their offer, I’d stay away from a company like this. This is either incompetence or an attempt at manipulation/wasting your time.” another added.

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“We’re interviewing the employer, too. I would have asked if the salary mismatch was addressed before I took that last Zoom meeting. Seems like the recruiter failed to tell the employer about the pay problem.” another said.

What’s your say on this? What do you think happened? Have you faced something similar?

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