Cultural differences in food can often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, as food is deeply tied to identity and personal values. But what if schools made you uncomfortable about your loved food?

A user wants to know if they’re wrong for packing my kid an “inappropriate” lunch? And they want to know from you.



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The Original Poster (OP) is a 34-year-old female and has a 5-year-old son. 

Last week, she went to pick him up from school and got a phone call from his teacher.  OP says, “she made absolutely no effort to sound kind when she, in an insulting and annoyed tone, told me to stop packing my son such “disgusting and inappropriate lunch.”

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What Happened Next?

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OP felt appalled hearing this as she mentioned a friendly relationship with this teacher.  The teacher added that OP is packing her son lunches that are “very distracting for the other students and have an unpleasant smell“. 


What Did OP Say

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OP told her that she understood her concerns and accepted that she does not pack healthy lunches but they’re according to the child’s preference. 


OP Adds

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To clarify, OP adds “The usual lunch that I send him to school with is small celery sticks with blue cheese and goat cheese, kimchi (we are Korean, and he absolutely adores this dish), and spicy Doritos marinated in Sriracha (I know, I know, but he deserves a snack, and I don’t put that many chips in the baggy.)” 


What Else Did She Say

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OP ended the call by saying that she appreciated her worries, but at the end of the day, she is not going to change her son’s lunches all of a sudden. She added that it is not her fault if other students are distracted by his meal, and it is important for her what she gives what her son enjoys and will eat. 

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What Did The Teacher Do?

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The teacher then sent an email to OP saying that her response was “unacceptable” and that his lunches are “just too inappropriate to be sent to school any longer.”  OP hasn’t responded and don’t want to. However, she wants to know if she did anything wrong? 


She is Too Inappropriate

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“Report her to the principal. Her comments regarding your son’s food are “disgusting” and “have an unpleasant tone” aka cough cough racist tone.

She’s too inappropriate to be teaching at the school any longer.”


Family Food is Normal

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“Exactly. Your son’s food is perfectly normal. For a 5 year old. Your family’s food is normal. The teacher is TA for not recognizing that”


Report Her

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“You are not wrong. If this teacher is behaving, this way you need to report her to the administration immediately. You can thank her for the email where she helpfully literally put her possibly racist thoughts in writing so you can just forward that or screenshot that right onto them. Good luck.”


What Do You Think

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What do you think? Was OP appropriate in saying it is not her concern what the teacher or students feel about his meal? Was in inappropriate for the teacher to bring this up at all?


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