A Redditor asked on a popular forum, what was ruined by rich people? and here are some of the top mentions:

1. Housing Affordability

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“The price of housing. Either renting or owning, it’s insane. Worldwide.” said one.

“The view that housing is an investment has priced people out of home ownership, and rents are excessive to ensure landlords maintain a sufficient ROI. Having a roof over your head should be a basic human right, and being a landlord isn’t a real job.” said another.


2. The Soaring Cost At Concerts

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According to many, the skyrocketing cost at concerts can be attributed, in part, to the influence of the wealthy elite.

“Concerts….. you can’t even buy a beer at one for what a general admission ticket used to cost, and people still pay for it.” said one.

“I stopped drinking at shows because of it. I have a couple of beers in the parking lot, sip on a bottle of water in the show, and do not stand in the bathroom line every 45 mins. Saves me a ton of money too.” another added.


3. Thrift Shopping

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As the wealthy continue to embrace the trend of vintage and secondhand fashion, prices for thrift clothing have skyrocketed, making it increasingly difficult for budget-conscious shoppers to score a deal.

“As someone who used to go to thrift stores specifically for my long shirts, this stings. I used to be able to get a shirt, my length and tall, for $5 to $8. Now that costs $15 and the minimum, and I wanna scream.” said one.

“A trendy thrift store opened up at the mall near me. It’s someone who went through, bought up all the nice pieces, and is selling them at insane premiums. This store sells thrifted t-shirts for $50.” another added.


4. The Retail Markup

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The retail markup of workwear brands has become increasingly absurd as corporate greed, and the influence of wealthy shareholders prioritize profit over affordability for everyday consumers.

“Clothing brands. Carhartt, dickies, Levi’s, and many more. Like, why did a Dickies t-shirt go from $15 to almost $40 in a few years.” a user said.

“I remember not long ago Champion was the cheap Walmart brand no one wanted. Now it’s an overpriced name brand, and I don’t understand it.” another added.

“Dickies USED to be the clothes of a working man out here in rural America. Now, they’re too expensive for the ‘working men’ to afford.” said one.


5. Theme Parks

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Wealthy investors in theme parks prioritize profits over visitor experience, leading to overcrowding, long wait times, and high prices. 

“Gone are the days when everyone was equal, and you all had to queue, regardless of income. And even recently, some theme parks have fast passes periodically throughout the day. Now if you’ve got deep pockets, you can queue jump, making your day a little better and everyone else’s a little worse.” a user said.


6. Instagram

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Instagram has become a platform for the wealthy to flaunt their luxury lifestyles, perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards and promoting materialism, ultimately contributing to societal inequality and dissatisfaction.

“When it first launched, we were content to post grainy pics of our average-looking sandwich that we made ourselves. Or a mundane selfie, and the background and the angle didn’t matter.” said one.

“When it first came out, it was mostly people interested in a good picture. My mate & I used to compete for a picture of the week to see what we could get when we were out and about. Now it’s just another tool for the solipsist mafia.” said another.


7. Beaches

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Beaches are being taken over by private resorts, restricting public access. Construction of luxury homes and hotels and pollution from yachts and boats have disrupted the natural ecosystem.

“I used to live in Florida. It’s hard to find a beachfront that isn’t owned by some massive hotel where no one can see the beachfront anymore.” said another.


8. Healthcare

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The wealthy have access to better healthcare and health insurance, while the poor struggle to afford essential medical services. The system is rigged in favor of the rich, leaving many without proper care.

“The wealthy have access to better healthcare and health insurance, while the poor struggle to afford basic medical services. The system is rigged in favor of the rich, leaving many without proper care.” a user added.


9. Trucks

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“Once upon a time, a humble working-class vehicle for people who need to be able to do things themselves, now they’re all luxury vehicles with massive margins, unaffordable to anyone who needs them to do real work.” said one.

“Lol, trucks are the new luxury cars.” another added.


10. Food

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“When I was 21, and single, fish mongers used to give away\throw out fish heads. They now charge. The flank steak was way cheap until people learned how to cook it, and now it’s expensive.” a user said.

Food trucks used to be a way to get good food for cheap, now it’s a premium without any of the advantages of a restaurant. Not to mention that they all expect a 20% tip for handing you food from a window.” said one. 

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