Having a side hustle keeps us occupied and gives us extra money to spend and save for emergencies. Have you ever done side hustles to fulfill your additional needs? A user asked the forum, “Looking for weekend/evening side hustle ideas bringing $400-$600 in monthly.”

 Here are some responses he got!


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“Serving at a restaurant, then see if you can move up to bartending as fast as possible. You can make approximately $250 in tips from Monday to Thursday at a medium-end spot.”


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“I paint curbs in my area. I do 5-10 a week on a slow week and make $25-200 per curb, depending on how much artwork they want.”


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“I was making a grand a week refereeing two games a night Monday-Saturday for high school soccer (Texas).”


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“Become a notary. People come to you, and it’s a fast $10 sale on eBay. You pull your parts from junkyards and get glovebox books, license plates, ashtrays, and miscellaneous items that sell on eBay.

 You control your work hours, but it will take longer than a part-time job.”


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“I drive Lyft, and it’s not bad in my market (Minneapolis). I have a regular 9-5, so I drive an SUV on Friday and Saturday evenings with a half day on Sunday, usually putting in 24-28 hours. I spend about $120-150 in gas and make $800-1200. The best part is pure flexibility.

 You can also write off car wear and tear at $0.57/mile nowadays. Get a different insurance that won’t be invalidated if you ride share.”


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“Tutoring! Depending on your qualifications, you can make around $500 plus a month, charging $35-60 an hour.”


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“App signups & referrals. I make a few hundred each month doing this.”


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“If you are near a FedEx ground facility, you can pick up shifts while being an occasional employee. Work is tough, but you can easily make 100 bucks for 5 hours. Yes, I get sore, but getting $180 after taxes for 10 hours isn’t horrible.”


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“Temporary jobs. I’ve been doing them for the past few months, mostly brand ambassador-type work. Pay is between $25-$40/ hr. Trusted Herd and PopBookings.”


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“I mail in Sweepstakes envelopes for Chumba Casino as a side hustle. Takes a while to get going, but at $5 an envelope for sweep coins, it’s a decent side hustle.”


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“Are you good with children? Depending on the area, people pay $20-25/hr to babysit, take kids, do activities, etc.”


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“I flip bikes and then find higher margin items at thrift stores to flip. Additionally, if I see things for free that have resale value, I’ll do that, too.

 I make about $200 a week right now flipping bikes. It’s all side cash. I have a great full-time job so I don’t need the money, but it all helps.”


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“I’ve been doing graphic design for years, and it truly has been a blessing. So many people need help with computers, especially when it comes to bringing their ideas to life visually!”


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“I use Instawork, and it’s been great. This weekend, I worked as a bag checker at a venue and made 100 bucks.”


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“Grow microgreens at your home. Look up tutorial videos on YouTube. Sell them at the farmers market next to the other ten tents selling microgreens.”

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