Women often focus on the societal advantages of being a man, but it’s important to recognize that men also face unique challenges and disadvantages.  A user took the forum to ask, “Women, what would be the worst thing about being a man?”. Here are the common responses. 


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“The constant pressure in society that the man has to pay for meals, drinks, etc. I feel like it all would add up really quickly.”


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“Feeling uncomfortable or shamed for showing your emotions. It’s a sad truth, but since the dawn of time, men have been encouraged to live up to the expectations of being tough or being a rock for the family.

As a woman, we feel more comfortable crying and expressing our sadness. Men get sad too, and it’s about time they feel free to express it as easily as women do.”


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“Having to be the person physically in charge in a threatening situation. Like always being with a man when walking home from a party in a sketchy area at night.

Yes, there is safety in numbers, but the dude is expected to be protected regardless of the level of awareness, self-defense, or drunkenness. That’s a lot of pressure.” 


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“People expecting that men could fight.” 


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“Not being able to care for children without getting dirty looks.”


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“Probably the stigma. I’ve seen a single father get shouted at for being with his kid when at a park for ‘trying to kidnap children.’ The dude wanted to make his son happy, not molest him.” 


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“It’s kind of annoying walking my dog around town and having to straight up ignore every kid. Don’t talk to them, don’t look at them. Halloween is the only day out of the year that I get to talk to the kids in my neighborhood.”


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“I would not be allowed a moment of weakness. Bad day? You can’t cry unless your mother just died. Hurt yourself? Accept it and go to the hospital. Feeling self-conscious about your body? Nobody cares. Feeling ill? How”


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“Being expected to be more effective at physical labor, being expected to do more dangerous work, receiving less empathy when struggling with emotional issues.” 


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“Being arrested for defending myself against an abusive partner.”


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“Honestly, people probably just assume that you’ll do all the gross things that no one else wants to do.

Fixing up the car? Unclogging the toilet? Cleaning out the spider webs in the attic? Scrubbing the mildew out of the bathtub? Guys are just expected to do it all without complaint because that’s the “manly” thing to do. As a woman, I find it pretty unfair.”


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“Hands down, always being the villain. A colleague of mine was a bit on the heavier side but decided to get into shape and started jogging.

So he jogs around his block daily until his smartwatch tells him his quota for the day is full. That day he was a bit late but went for a jog when the sun was setting. Not many people out there, but as he was on his way, some girls saw him jogging their way, got scared, and called the cops on him for obviously trying to chase them to rape them or something.

Now, the guy didn’t know about the call, he just saw two girls seeing him coming, turning around, and running away, and he’s like, ‘What is happening?’ Until the cops come for him.

You know, for the biggest offense in human history: trying to get fit. I felt really bad for him.”


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“Imagine pretty much being invisible. You get your self-worth from how well you perform at work. Perform good, and you’re okay day to day, start performing bad, and you want to kill yourself because your only interaction with people now is negative. Nobody cares about you, nobody messages you, and when someone calls, they want something from you. Now I don’t mind helping, but damn, call me up for a beer or some camping, too, sometimes.

The hardest part is when it is only family. Your friends are gone. So you always answer for the family because it’s what you do.

But it’s always, “Hey, man! How was your memorial day (if even asked)? Hey, Kylee is moving this weekend to college, and we’d like to try and get it done in 1 shot. Are you busy Saturday? Oh, you work? Oh well, okay, are you free Sunday? Cool, well, can you come Sunday then?

We’d love to see you!!!! We miss you so much! You never come out and see us!” and you agree because you don’t go see them because they all get together on Saturdays while you work. So now you feel bad for working, and you now lose your day off from being bossed around and unpaid by people who always invite you to stuff that happens on Saturday, then make you feel bad about it, so now you’re the jerk.

While all of this happens, while you’re carrying the 1200-pound Bowflex that hasn’t been used in the family for five years up five flights of stairs. None of these people wished you a happy birthday last year.” 


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“Not having your emotions taken seriously, then lashing out because of it, and then being seen as violent because you just want to be understood.

I had that with abusive parents, but normally people don’t treat me that way because I’m a woman. I can’t imagine what an entire life of not having your feelings acknowledged in a healthy way feels like.” 


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“I’d be afraid to be a male teacher. How easy would it be to give a girl student a failing grade they deserve or just make them angry in any kind of way, but it’s a crazy one who ends up accusing you of something awful?

While that’s specific, it’s a general fear. Just the accusation itself will cost you your career.”

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