While you travel overseas, local people there will try to sell many things to you. Sometimes, they are helpful, but most often, those products are weird.

A user asked the forum, “Unusual things people tried to sell you when on holiday (not drugs)? Bonus points if you bought it.” Here are the top responses. 


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“I had a guy in a Guyana nightclub try to get me to join him in a business venture. He said industrial refrigerators were complex in Guyana, so he wanted me to buy them in the United States and ship them to him. In return, he would pay me in uncut diamonds.

He told me to think about it and call him. He gave me his business card and a handwritten piece of paper with the name ‘Mr Cool’ and a phone number. I did not call him, sadly.”


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“A shocking number of market vendors in Morocco tried to sell me chameleons with assorted claims. If I threw it in a fire and it exploded, my husband would be faithful! If I secretly fed it to my husband and he did not vomit, he was also faithful! If my husband couldn’t perform in bed, feeding him a chameleon would solve the problem! I did not buy a chameleon.”


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“Maybe not try to sell to me specifically, but I was traveling in Lisbon, and the day I went to Belem, all the roads were closed for a marathon. I walked half the way to an open train station, and while waiting for the train, I saw a little market across the way. 

Inside, they had the weirdest stuff for sale, things like defunct currency, exotic animals, and ancient electronics. While perusing the aisles, I saw the most unusual thing for sale. They were selling sugar packets from worldwide, packets from coffee shops in Angola, Venezuela, and Brazil, old packets from McDonald’s, and stacks of card binders full of sugar packets. 

I’ve told people this story, even shown them the pictures, and nobody believes me.”


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“Mexico in 2000. Large bugs that had been encrusted with jewels. They were alive and had a small chain, so you could pin it to your shirt and let it walk around on you. I didn’t buy any.”


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“In Thailand, we got off a tour bus, and people snapped photos from afar. We went into a little shop for 5 minutes. When we came out, the photos were printed on mini dining plates and available for purchase.”


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“In New Delhi, I was approached multiple times with offers to clean my ears. I took one guy up on it. He used what appeared to be a metal Q-tip scooper, and I felt perfect after and was grossed out by what he dug out. I paid maybe 100 rupees maximum.”


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“Prague 1998. The random guy stopped us on the street and opened his trench coat to reveal paint bottles. He then proceeded to invite us to a body painting party.”


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“I was offered 50 camels for my wife in Egypt. I often sleep at night wondering how different my life would be with 50 camels.”


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“In the market in Marrakesh, Morocco, many years ago, a guy approached us, opened his jacket, and offered to sell us the owl in his inside pocket. It was a real live owl.”


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“A guy in Baja sold me his straw hat and poncho off his person. I still have them 20 years later.” 


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“Twenty-one years ago, somebody in very rural China sold me a 25-foot-long scroll that was stolen from a local museum (came to find out later).”


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“In the Sahara desert in Morocco, I went on a camel ride. It was off-season, and I was the only one with my guide on the dunes in Erg Chebbi. We stop, and I get off the camel to watch the sunset. It was magnificent.

As I got ready to get back on the camel, he stopped me and unwrapped something. ‘Genuine fossil’ was all he could say to explain what they were. He wrote a price in the sand and started to haggle. Even there, in the middle of nowhere, someone is trying to sell something. 

I didn’t want it, but the situation was so funny I wanted it to be a memory. He wanted £10. I suggested 0.50. We settled on £2, which was a ripoff. But I still have that ‘fossil’ on a shelf and smile at the memory when I see it.”


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“A kid offered to sell some Roman bits and pieces at a non-touristed archaeological site in eastern Turkey. Did not buy wouldn’t have been legal to take out of the country.”


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“Tried the lobster from a man walking around selling lobster on the beach! Best dinner I’ve ever had.”


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“Sitting on a beach right outside Cancun at night listening to the waves, this guy catches a fish, walks straight to me, and tries to get me to buy it. Just like ready to hand me a fish fresh out of the water like I’m supposed to walk home with a flopping fish. Loved the hustle, but I politely declined.”


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“I bought someone’s demonstration CD (Compact Disc) for $10 (homemade) on Venice Beach in 2009. It was decent.”


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“In Ecuador, at a market, an old lady tried to sell me a baby llama. I explained that I didn’t live in the country and was leaving in a few days. She insisted that my friends would love to pet my baby llama because of how fluffy he was. I can confirm he was the fluffiest pet I ever petted.”

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