Side Hustles are fun and exciting if you do what you love. You will get money and at the same time joy. A user asked the forum, “What side hustle brings you the most joy?” Here are the top responses.


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“Mystery shopping assignments where I’m getting a free meal or service that I need.”


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“I’m the Information and Technology (IT) Director for a non-profit. The money isn’t great, but it’s welcomed additional income. The cause itself is great, and I love supporting it.”


how much do YouTubers make

“Video editing. Currently making no money off it, but I want to keep making entertaining videos for TikTok/Instagram and eventually profit off it through various means.”


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“Trading stocks. I enjoy doing it at home, and the $1500-$2000 a month I make, I use to reinvest for my future. It goes towards my financial security fund.”


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“Focus groups. Not consistent money, so it’s low on my priority list, but they’re always pretty entertaining.”


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“Woodworking. It is mainly a hobby & the money made goes back into more tools, but it could make a decent side income if that were the intention.


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“Learning to code and coding trading bots because you can see the progression day by day when it’s trading, also fun to mess with and work on optimizing it.”


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“I love hiking, so creating videos on YouTube about my local and overseas hikes seemed the next logical step. I’m still far from monetization, but this side hustle feels fun.”


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“Teaching people how to start a newsletter. It’s free, and if you never want to continue, it’s no cost to you. I have an entire blog about it and have been growing steadily.”


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“Wedding Bartender. Yes, it takes up a Friday or Saturday, but my wife and I work them together and take home anywhere from $400-800 in cash, depending on the wedding size and other factors like if they tip, etc. We even have a Venmo sign that we put out for those ‘oh I forgot cash’ people.”


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“Selling website templates. It brings me joy because it’s passive and requires 5 minutes a month. But I only earn around $1000 a month, which is not life-changing in my state. Just a nice bonus.”


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“Online travel agency, I’ve experienced so many fun activities and have been able to sell them to others.”


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“I run an online fitness/nutrition coaching business as someone big into health/wellness. I love it so much!”


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“Seasonally, I sell mangoes. I ship premium mangoes all over the United States. I have over varieties.”


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If you’re a writer, try joining Medium’s partner program. It takes some time to build up enough subscribers, though. I’ve only made a few bucks here and there, but I don’t post very often. I’m sure I’d make quite a bit more if I did.”

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