Attractive on the outside, toxic on the inside: Don’t let their good looks fool you. Here are 15 signs to watch out for.

Someone recently asked on the internet, What’s the biggest red flag you overlooked because your SO was so hot? And the following 15 responses were worth sharing with you!


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“We were both college freshmen. We made out a few times before I found out she had a boyfriend. After I found out she constantly complained about him and suddenly I was caught up in “But you wouldn’t treat a woman like that would you *my name*” and next thing I knew she broke up with him and we were dating.

I came to find out over the next few months from her friends that for the last 2 years, she had not spent a single day without a boyfriend despite me being number 5 during that time. Every single boyfriend, she would find someone else, cheat, talk about relationship problems until the new guy was white knighting, then break up with the old one and be dating the new guy on the same day. “but it’s not like she’s really into me” nope.

4 months later and out of nowhere she breaks up with me talking about needing space and concentrating on her studies 2 days after that one of my friends is telling me he’s dating her and he hopes that’s ok since we are friends. Of course, it’s not ok you crap bag.”

Mad About Playstation

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“He got into a car wreck because he installed a PlayStation in his car and he and his friend were playing it while he was driving.”

Warning By His Ex

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“Interestingly enough, his ex cornered me at my place of work right as I started hanging out with him, and she WARNED me about him.

I brushed it off and wrote her off as crazy. Sure enough, literally, everything she said came true. Her warning always haunted my mind and eventually helped me get the nerve to kick him out. I’ve always wanted to run into her again and thank her and apologize for calling her crazy.”

Her Dad’s Words

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“When I asked her dad for her hand in marriage, he said “are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into?”.. he was not joking.”

Her Views On Cheating

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“Said she thought cheating could be used as a power move.” Said one.

“I let my first and only girlfriend cheat on me incessantly because I didn’t think I’d be able to date anyone else, let alone someone as hot as she was.” Another added.

She Went Off Her Medication

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“One day she turned to me and said, “My doctor disagrees but I’ve decided to go off the medication”. Said one.

“I think we dated the same girl. She went off her medication for her bipolar-ism and suddenly my life was a living hell. She claims she didn’t know or realize what she was doing. No longer together but I still try to be there for her and all her craziness.” Another added.


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“My ex and I had an argument as we were going to bed. Realizing that we weren’t getting anywhere, we decided to deal with it in the morning. I fell asleep and she kept fuming to the point of her turning towards me and punching me in the kidneys.

I woke up unable to breathe. I don’t react well to violence and just got dressed and left the apartment for the night. She apologized in the morning and we talked it out and in some warped logic agreed that since she is so petite. Her hitting me was not a big deal. Nah, it is a big deal and there is no justification for violence.”

He Almost Killed Us

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“He nearly got us killed tons of times while he had his Initial D-like fantasies of going around tight corners super fast and cutting it -real- close with rock walls, despite how many times I told him not to. I had panic attacks nearly every time I had to hop in the car with him.”

He Used To Play This Weird Game

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“Any pleasant, romantic, sweet, loving, gratuitous thing I did he would treat me like crap. When I would show zero interest in him for being such a jerk he would treat me like royalty. Pull out every stop, every trick in the book to romance me and make me forget about it. When I would be sweet back it turned him off. The more I ignored him and rejected him for being a total jerk, the more he wanted me. It was this weird game. After a while, I grew tired. I didn’t want to play anymore.”

He Believed The Necronomicon Was Real

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“He believed the Necronomicon was real and claimed to have done several incantations from it.”

Her Friends WARNED Me 

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“Every single one of her friends told me not to date her.”

When They Say That They’re A Lot To Handle

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“If a guy/girl tells you that they’re a lot to handle then they’re probably telling you the truth.”

Facebook Walls Covered With Trashy Posts

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“Facebook wall covered with those really trashy “Fake friends cause drama” posts written in cursive.  It’s a red flag, my brain knew it.”

Glued To Her Phone 24/7 But Never Replied

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“She was always on her phone, but never replied to my texts.”

“I know a few people like that. Always glued to their phone, nobody can ever get hold of them.” Another added.

When They Tell You Everyone Abandoned Them

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“When they say “every guy/girl I’ve met has abandoned me, and I didn’t do anything wrong” or something along those lines.

If everyone else is always the problem, then you might be the problem.

Didn’t phase me though because she was super hot.”

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