Classic movies transport us to other times, places, and cinematic worlds, offering a glimpse into different cultures, eras, and filmmaking styles. They can also evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to the history of cinema.

A user asked, what are the real ‘hidden gems’? The movies that were massively popular 30 years ago but aren’t now, and here are the top picks for your upcoming weekend.

1.  No Way Out With Kevin Costner

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“OMG still love that movie. It’s a great thriller, and the acting is beyond top-notch. The simple story of how they got to the situation, the slow palpable build-up of tension to where you are on the edge of your seat, and the mind-blowing ending”  said one. 

2. Grumpy Old Man

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“Grumpy Old Men and its sequel are so freaking funny. The jokes hit so much better now than when it came out, and I was a kid.” shared one.

Another added, “Grumpy Old Men is so good and sadly never gets brought up in any discussion on great comedies. I often forget about it, but I watched this and Grumpier Old Men a lot when I was younger, and I never saw my mom laugh so much at a movie. Great call.” 

3. City Slickers

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“John Lovitz milking their cow in City Slickers 2 will always stick with me.” said one.

“City Slickers is a good movie with some hilarious scenes, but the way it was edited felt so dated when I watched it recently. It might also be how Crystal delivers many jokes.” another said.

4. Harry And The Hendersons

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“I believe you mean ‘Academy-Award-Winner Harry and the Henderson’s’ Put some respect on that name!” said one.

“Oh man, I have a distinct memory of being a kid and laying in the back of my dad’s pickup truck on blankets watching Harry and the Hendersons at the drive-in theater. Good times.” a user said.

5. Sneakers

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“It’s both a heist movie and a spy movie, with an incredible cast and just the right amount of paranoia.” a user said. Another said, “It’s also one of the best portrayals of hacking I have seen.” 

6. Three Amigos

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“I rewatched Three Amigos recently and was worried it wouldn’t hold up but let me tell you; it is a goddamn masterpiece. The only movie written by Randy Newman!” shared one.

“Three amigos were great; his show with Martin Short and Selena Gomez on Hulu, only murders in the building, is perfect.” another said.

7. Death Becomes Her

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“One thing I loved about that movie is the casting of Bruce Willis. With Goldie and Meryl having their glow-ups, you expect that, because they’ve cast Bruce Willis and stuck him in a wig and aging make-up, he must take the potion and become buff at some point.” said one.

8. The Birdcage

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“Robin’s monologue, the hand holding at the end, the shot’s framing. It’s just so … beautiful. This movie showed not just a gay couple but that they are just like any other couple. They have laughed, they have fights, they love, they bicker, but in the end, they can’t imagine spending their lives with anyone else.” said one.

9. Innerspace

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“This is a good one! And the physical comedy + effects are kind of insane.” said one.

“Innerspace is one of my faves. Produced by Steven Spielberg and won the Academy Award for Best Special Effects for ILM. All models hold up today. I love the Jerry Goldsmith score.” said another. 

10. Working Girl

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“Working Girl is great. Amazing cast, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Griffiths, and a young Joan Cusack. Big hair abounds, but it’s a great story with a great soundtrack.” a user said.

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