Travelers pack a diverse range of items, from the essential to the eccentric. Here are a few unexpected things that have been found in suitcases:

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What’s the totally random thing that you travel with that isn’t on most people’s packing list?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Zip ties. Never know when you need to temporarily fix a broken shower head wall clamp or whatever.”, said one user.


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“Carrying this is better than breaking something in a hotel room trying to improvise a bottle opener.”, said one user.


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“I carry a metal spork everywhere. Not the right tool for any job, but better than eating potato salad with your fingers.”, said one user.


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“Business card from Walt Disney World Lost & Found from about thirty years ago. Lost my wallet on a ride as a kid. They had it there. I put one of their cards in my wallet and moved it from wallet to wallet and never lost another one.”, said one user.


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“I won’t travel without my own pillow!! Every time I’ve decided it’s too bulky to bring, I’m proven wrong. Bad pillows destroy my sleep.”, said one user.


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“I bring a blue, thin microfiber blanket. Mashed up it can serve as a pillow. On a plane it keeps me warm. In areas where there is no heat in the room at night it can help keep me warm.

It’s also a nice snugly thing for leaning against in a chair. I love it.”, said one user.


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“I bring a portable radio to hear what the local people are listening to.”, said one user.


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“UV protection umbrellas work so much better than regular umbrellas at blocking the sun and heat. Great for long hot days of walking.”, said one user.


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“I carry Anti blister balm. Really wish I’d known about this on my first big trip when I got blisters from walking all day.”, said one user.


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“S hook for hanging my bag in bathroom stalls that don’t have a coat hook. So I can keep my bag off of the nasty floor.”, said one user.


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“A portable power strip, with USB plugs. That way I only need 1 plug adapter for all of my devices. I’m also less likely to lose my devices because they’re all in one place rather than scattered across various outlets and rooms.”, said one user.

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