Imagine going to a doctor for a critical health concern and receiving absurd advice. It would be jarring.

A user asked the forum, What’s the dumbest thing your doctor has said to you? Here are the common responses. 


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“Told me I probably had cancer but to wait for the test results, and he would call me with the test results in a week. I worried for a week, and he never called me with the test results. I repeatedly called the office to find out that the test returned negative. I complained and changed doctors.”


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“It’s all in your head.”

“Yes, that’s literally the definition of migraine.”


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“Not me, but I told my late wife that all her bowel problems were infections and gave her antibiotics. She was dead six months later. I know it’s hard to tell what’s wrong with someone, but blood for months is not just something a round of antibiotics will cure.

She had stage 4 colon cancer. Second opinion after the 3-month antibiotics. I miss you, Courtney.” 


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“I told her about some symptoms I was having. She straight up told me to my face that I wasn’t. Don’t even know how to respond to that even today.”


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“Had a dentist tell me I wasn’t experiencing the symptoms I was describing. “That’s impossible! The tooth has no nerve after a root canal.” She said.’


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“This shouldn’t hurt at all” before IUD ( Intrauterine contraceptive device ) insertion.” 

“It is a travesty that IUDs are placed with zero pain management, and there is no chance that a medical procedure famously known for being painful would be done without pain mitigation for a man.

A cervical numbing cream is an option but generally isn’t even offered. Most women say getting an IUD inserted is one of the most painful things they’ve experienced. It was so painful for me that I almost passed out. Why not simply offer pain management?! Would a dentist do a root canal without pain meds? It’s crazy! I really think that our children will look back on this and use this as an example of how backward we were “back then.”


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“It might be a brain tumor, but let’s wait and do new labs in 6 months”. Three weeks later, a surgeon was removing the 3.5cm brain tumor because I would’ve likely gone blind in 6 months.”


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“Went to a male doctor after two weeks of heavy bleeding (period) and pain. I hate going to the doctor as I always feel like I’m causing trouble or pain. I got told I was being hormonal and it would go away on its own.

I left it another two weeks of extreme bleeding, fatigue, nausea, and really bad pain to the point I was scrunched over my work desk, barely being able to move. My partner BEGGED me to go to a hospital at the time, but as I didn’t want to ‘waste anyone’s time,’ I refused. My boss walked in, saw I was literally green, and rang my ex telling him to come to pick me up and go to a hospital.

Found out I had an ectopic pregnancy, and had I left it much longer, it would have ruptured, and I could have died due to internal bleeding. But I was just ‘hormonal'”


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“I went to an emergency doctor (so not my usual GP) for a sinus infection, and the doc barely examined me; then asked me about my depression (I suffer from anxiety) and spent 10 minutes explaining that if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t need antidepressants. I just. what?”


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“I was ten years old and awkwardly explained the plan I had to kill myself to my pediatrician, and it’d involve drinking shampoo.

My doctor very casually said, “Oh, drinking shampoo and conditioner won’t kill you. Drinking bleach is what’s going to actually kill you.”

Even at that young age, I was kinda astounded that someone who works with children would so nonchalantly instruct a child on the proper way to kill themselves.”

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