Have you ever made a purchase that you later regretted so much that you wished you could curse the manufacturer?

A user asked the forum, “What product was so poorly designed that you suspect the team that made it never used the product?”. Let’s look at the top replies.


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“My dishwasher beeps several times loudly when the cycle is done. Loudly enough that you can hear it outside the house. If you don’t open the door it will beep again 45 minutes later and every 45 minutes forever until you do so.

There is no way to silence this feature or reduce the volume. Apparently, there’s no such thing as starting the dishwasher at night and then going to bed in these designer’s minds.”


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“The microwave we have right now unleashes its loudest possible BEP BEP BEP when it’s finished and continues to repeat it until you open the door.

Makes racing for the “STOP” button when the timer hits 1 second 10 times more thrilling at night.”


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“Way too many carrying products (luggage, boxes, bags, laundry baskets) have put more emphasis on the comfort/softness of the top of the handle, rather than the underside, which is the side that is forced into your hand with the weight of whatever is in your box/bag/basket.”


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“Toys that only have one volume: EXTREMELY LOUD!!!!

Whoever makes these does not have kids of their own.”


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“I have an inkjet printer (Brother brand) that prints misaligned (makes slightly wavy text).

I can’t fix it because when you run the alignment diagnostic stuff, either manual or automatic, it prints a paper for you to scan so the printer can fix itself.

However, the printer can’t read the paper it scans because it’s misaligned, so it can’t get fixed.

Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Even called support, and they were like, “Whelp, it’s not supposed to do that, better luck next time.””


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“The trunk won’t open on some Chevrolet cars if the battery is dead. There is no keyhole or physical release cable. The battery is in the trunk.

You can jump it from contacts under the hood, sure, but that’s such an odd design choice to me.”


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“I just bought a waterproof cargo bag for the roof of my car that was fairly expensive.

The Velcro that keeps the zipper protected was just GLUED ON, not stitched.

The very first time I opened the bag, all the Velcro came off because the attraction to itself was stronger than the adhesive bond to the vinyl bag.

It’s like there was absolutely zero product testing, but I’m sure it was 5 cents cheaper to make it glued rather than stitched. How could something like this have ever been allowed to leave the factory?”


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“Women’s underwear.

The part that is supposed to get dirty is never far enough forward to catch what it’s supposed to catch.”


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“My kitchen trash can. It is one sold by Glad specifically for their bigger, extra-strong 20-gallon trash bags. It is not particularly cheap.

It looks good but the design of it is what you might expect if you told aliens what a trash can is and they designed one without ever seeing it. How it holds the bag basically causes you to lose 4 gallons of capacity and have to risk tearing the bag or spilling its contents every time you go to remove it.

It also has a trash bag holder that is so narrow you have to feed it trash bags one at a time, completely defeating the point and if you try to compact the trash a bit, you’re almost guaranteed to tear the “tear-resistant” bag. Such a poor design.”


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“My new iron. Has a restart if you tip it over after it’s timed out. So if you accidentally leave it plugged in and it gets knocked over by accident (pet or child bumps the board, the wind knocks something over, knocking the iron over), it starts up while face down.”


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“My mom’s had three wheelchairs.

They all suck. The brake lever mechanism invariably interferes with the footrests. On her current one, the brake lever mechanism is curved, so it’s pretty good. I think it could still be better.

I’m surprised they’re not better. I definitely feel like, given my experience, I could design a much better wheelchair than anything on the market under $1,000.00.”


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“Skype for Business. Never has a product been less appropriate or ready for business use.”


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“Those sliding shower doors with an overlapping section that is impossible to clean without taking the whole door off.”


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“My vacuum cleaner. The hose is mounted at a downward angle, and it’s impossible to pull it along as you go; it keeps going to the side or even flipping over. It takes one minute of use to notice this, but I guess they only tested it for 30 seconds.”


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“Sanitary pads. Especially ones advertised as “zero bunching” – they most certainly do a bunch. They will go straight up your bum crack. They can only have been designed by someone who doesn’t use them to have made that claim.”


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“My clothes dryer. It has touch controls that are designed in such a way that you pretty much have to guess what you’re supposed to touch (nothing visibly looks like a button), and when turned on, it has an inexplicable 10+ sec delay before the touch controls work, so you basically poke it all over the place without even knowing if it’s the right place to poke or if you simply need to wait for nothing to happen.

I mean, that’s what I think, at least, but I can’t be sure since there seriously is no visual indication of anything.

There’s also a numerical display, which I assumed was related to the time left until it’s done, but I’ve been using it for almost two years now, and I still have no clue what those numbers are meant to indicate. They certainly don’t correlate with any time units I’m aware of.”

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