TV series finales are the grand finale; they’re meant to leave a lasting impression, a satisfying closure that ties up loose ends and leaves no questions unanswered. However, some shows have spectacularly fallen short of this expectation, concluding with endings that disappointed audiences, confused, or even downright angry.

Here is what netizens think of the finale of some TV shows

Los Serrano

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There was a once famous Spanish TV sitcom called ‘Los Serrano,’ about a Spanish family that ran for five years. The final episode leaves the audience perplexed (not in a good way).

A user explains, “In the final episode, the father went to end his life, and when he does it, he just wakes up as if nothing happened (nothing as in, the actual whole 8 seasons), it was just a dream. That’s the ending, the guy waking up to a normal family at the start of the series. This was also extremely weird because his children were grown up but were put in kids’ clothing and hairstyles and acted like kids. To this day, this is still referenced in Spain as a meme.”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is another example of a great show that made people go, “Wait, what?!” over time. Many viewers felt that the finale rushed through character development, leaving storylines unresolved, characters underdeveloped, an abrupt ending, and a sense of ambiguity.

“If I remember correctly,  I said ‘That’s such nonsense’ during the last episode,” says a user. 

“Oh god, that finale was awful. I remember reading that it wasn’t intended to be the finale and that the show was canceled before they got to wrap it up how they wanted. Still, even if it were just a season finale, I would’ve been saying, ‘That’s such nonsense’,” another added. 

Star Trek: Enterprise 

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Star Trek: Enterprise also has a super weird finale. It felt like a missed opportunity to give the series a proper ending and send off the characters. By many news outlets, it was termed as the worst sendoff in the franchise’s history. 

“The makers went, ‘Hey, let’s make the last Holodeck episode about two characters that aren’t even in the show! Then, for the coup de grace, we can needlessly kill off someone at random,” said one user.

“The second to last episode is a decent finale. Just pretend that’s the last episode,” another added. 

The Last Man On Earth

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The Last Man on Earth, an awesome show, left its audience with a major cliffhanger that was never resolved. Plus, the subsequent cancelation of the show meant many unanswered questions about the characters’ fates and the nature of the suspicious gas mask-wearing group. This lack of closure felt unsatisfying for fans who had invested in the show’s long-term narrative.

“No one I know talks about this show, and I was so sad when I heard it got canceled. I was hoping for at least maybe a half-season special to wrap up some things,” said a user. 

Pretty Little Liars

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To this day, people are mad at how bad the ending of the show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ was. Many viewers felt that the ultimate reveal of A.D. and the resolution of the major mysteries were underwhelming. Some fans also pointed out inconsistencies between the final episode and events in previous seasons, which further led to feelings of frustration and confusion.

“The nonsense ‘A.D. reveal’ was bad, but making Ezaria end up together was disgusting. Especially AFTER they retconned it so that he always knew that she was underage,” said a user.

Game Of Thrones 

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There is a lot of resentment towards the final season, especially the final episode of Game Of Thrones, amongst fans. Plotlines that had been simmering for seasons were resolved hastily, character arcs felt unearned, and major events unfolded with little build-up or emotional resonance. This left many viewers feeling dissatisfied and cheated out of the payoff they craved.

“The first 7 seasons of GOT: Houses fighting long wars for years to see who should sit on the iron throne. GOT season 8 last 5 minutes: How about Bran? Everyone: okay”, said one user.

“7.5 seasons of winter is coming…. and it’s over,” another replied. 

The 100

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Most people felt the last season of ‘The 100’ was messed up. “I wish they ended it two seasons early with Monte revealing the new planet they found for them and then the last shot of them looking out the window at their ‘new earth’. It would have been perfect to end it there instead of the stupid immortal-being plotline that followed,” said a user. 

Killing Eve

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While some viewers felt that the characters acted out of character in the final episode, making their decisions seem illogical and inconsistent with their previous behavior, others found the entire plot of the episode to be unrealistic and unbelievable.

“Hate Laura. I heard about how some writers got ousted and how all the greatest scenes from the final season were improvised by the leads. Such a garbage end to what started as a fantastic series,” said one. 

“The last five minutes of the last episode ruin the whole season. It would have been so easy to have everything else be the same, write the logical ending, and take the show where it was always heading. But instead, they went for ‘subverting expectations’,” another added. 

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, the show’s creators, left before the final season. This led to a noticeable shift in the tone and writing, which many fans felt did not capture the essence of the show.

“Complete character butchering by a resentful writer who could not write the final season 10 years earlier,” said one. “I refuse to acknowledge that train wreck even exists. I love GG. But the reboot was garbage,” another added. 


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Many fans felt that season 8, titled “My Finale,” had wrapped up the series perfectly and that a ninth season was unnecessary. The show’s return felt like a cash grab and undermined the emotional closure of the original ending. The humor and overall tone of season 9 differed significantly from the earlier seasons, feeling less warm and sentimental and more akin to a generic medical sitcom. 

“Ended on a great high note with a goodbye to the main cast and crew, only to be brought back for a ‘final season’ as a stupid spinoff disguised as Scrubs,” said one. 

“I think of the last season of Scrubs as a completely different show; it’s decent if watched like that,” another added. 

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