When it comes to saving money, every little bit helps. Even seemingly insignificant changes to your daily routine can add up to big savings over time.

An internet user asked, What is something seemingly insignificant you do to save money? OP says, “We all know that small changes can add up to big savings, so I’m eager to hear what smart hacks you’ve discovered. 

We’ve curated the best 15 responses for you below:

Pick Seasonal and Local Fruits

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For me, one of my go-to money-saving tricks is sticking to seasonal and local fruits. It might seem like a minor choice, but it has a significant impact on my budget and health. 

Here’s the reasoning behind it: Imported fruits and vegetables tend to be expensive due to transportation costs and storage conditions, which can often compromise their nutritional value. On the other hand, locally grown and seasonal produce is not only cheaper but also healthier, as it is fresher and packed with essential nutrients. To maximize my savings further, I ensure that the money saved on groceries goes into investing in digital gold.

Old Sheets As Cleaning Cloths

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“I use old sheets and clothing/socks cut up as cleaning cloths, especially for really dirty jobs that ruin the cloth like toilet, oily pots and pans, rusty outdoor furniture etc.”

Budgeting For Monthly Eating/Drinking

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“I budget $120 for monthly eating/drinking when I’m at the office. This includes coffee, boba, snacks, fruit smoothies, juice, etc. Giving myself a weekly habit of $30 for my outings makes me feel happier and less of the “scarcity” mindset, whilst being disciplined about it, which makes it less likely for me to suddenly blow $50, $75, or $100 on random outings.

It also curbs eating out regularly because the snack or drink tides me over until my actual meal.”

Reducing Impulse Purchase

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“I’m late to the party in finally understanding what a big difference delay makes. It happened when I started using a monthly budgeting app that I would put off an expense—say, a haircut—for a week or two so that it wouldn’t hit until the next month.

Then I replaced impulse purchases by adding each item to a wish list to come back to later and buy them slowly. For example, I have 4 hair products on my wish list and I’ll be buying one per month. It’s amazing how quickly the savings add up when you wait a bit longer to buy or replace things. I feel good about the savings and I enjoy the anticipation of the items on my wish list.”

Bring Lunch To Work

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“I bring my lunch to work every day instead of getting fast food or something from vending machines. I make my own snacks (beef jerky and dehydrated apple slices) and do NOT buy single-serve bags of pretty much anything.”

Confirm Whether You Need It

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“Before going and splurging on something.  I ask myself “If someone paid me X (however much it cost) to not buy it would I take it?”  Not going is essentially paying yourself.”

Restock A Year’s Worth Of Products On Black Friday

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“I write the date opened on the bottom of all my toiletries, skincare, and cosmetics, and keep a restock shopping list on my phone. Then I tally up the year and restock a year’s worth of products on Black Friday. I have allergies so I rarely switch things out, and it lets me save a fortune. 

My linen closet is my little store, and I never run out of anything. This is also when I restock on household items like sheets and kitchen towels, and clothing staples like socks, underwear, etc. Anything I don’t think will survive another year. Those get stored under my bed until I need them. If you like to donate clothing to local shelters, it’s a great time to add extra socks and such to your order. This method reduces shipping, time shopping, and marketing influences. If I want an item, I just wait until the big sale. A lot of times the wait is enough for me to decide I don’t need an item after all. If I do, then I don’t feel bad about buying it because I already budgeted for it and got a good deal. I’ve done this for over a decade and saved a wild amount of money.”

Eat My Leftovers

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“I try to eat every single one of my leftovers.  The goal is to have no food waste. Been getting much better at this, probably because of meal planning.  

Friday dinner is sometimes five different leftovers.”

Grow My Own Kitchen Herbs

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“Growing my own kitchen herbs. I don’t know whether or not growing my own produce saves me money in the long run, but growing herbs definitely does save me a ton. Fresh herbs are expensive and it’s cheap and easy to grow them in a pot.”

Bring Reusable Water Bottles

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“I bring a reusable water bottle everywhere with me. I always have 1-2 in my car just in case. I have never bought water at airports, theme parks, gyms, work etc. It amazes me people will pay $4 for a bottle of water!! If I forget the bottle I don’t buy the water. It only takes 1-2 times of going to the gym and having to stand at the water fountain before it becomes a strong habit.”

Cheaper Data Plan For My Phone

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“I have a cheaper data plan for my phone.

This means I only download stuff onto my phone when I’m connected to wifi. Slightly inconvenient sometimes, but not inconvenient enough to pay more for more data.”

Filter Any Money I Receive Into Bills/Savings Account

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“As soon as I get any money I filter it into other accounts other than my expense account like (Bills/Savings) I’ll leave just enough money to get by in that so I don’t see much in it, and I can’t spend it if it’s not there? It’s been very good for my savings goals.

I see my $ as employees and I’m the CEO. I’d rather put 10 of them to work for me rather than buy a coffee and muffin and lay 10 of them off.”

Borrow Fun Family Activities From The Library Instead Of Buying

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“Borrow fun family activities from the library instead of buying them, like a croquet set, board games or a telescope.”

Buy Consumables In Bulk

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“I buy consumables in bulk (negligible savings) and nearly everything else is second-hand. My wife’s outfit for our wedding cost about $40. Neither of us has spent more than $9 on pants in years. Second-hand works for fun stuff like home decor, hobbies, and entertainment, and practical stuff like towels and blankets. I will say, though, that I recently had to curb my shopping habits. Excessive consumption can still be a problem if you’re not careful.”

Pay My Bills Through My Bank’s Free Online Bill Pay

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“I try to pay my bills through my bank’s free online bill pay instead of writing checks myself. The cost of first-class stamps keeps going up so it can add up over a year’s time.”

Free Kindle Books From Library 

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“I check out free Kindle books from my library and on Libby. Free and no clutter! Win-win. I only buy clothes to replace something beyond repair, utterly worn out ( like work shoes) or on an insane clearance sale AND useful- like the 1.99 a pair wool boot socks I snagged a few years ago. They’ve kept our feet warm for a few winters now.”

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