When moving forward in life and making our own choices, we also have to deal with society. We must look after ourselves, and one common worry is how costly things can be. Have you ever felt worried about this?

 A user asked the forum, “What turned out to be much more expensive than you anticipated?”

 Here are the top responses!


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“Rugs. My biggest shock was when I got one for my place.”


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“Root canal with a crown. Now, I understand why many people just get their teeth pulled.”


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“Car air conditioner repair, $850? In our second car? We just don’t use that one on hot days.”


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“Landscaping. Even by yourself.”


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“Life. Even just sitting in my apartment doing nothing costs $2000 a month.”


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“Being sick/chronic illnesses/becoming disabled. Everyone thinks that a chronic disease or becoming disabled is a great excuse to sit at home and watch TV all day.

 The constant doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions, medical devices, and therapies add up to thousands a year. It’s consistent and unrelenting, and unless a miracle happens, this will be the case for the rest of my life.”


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“Seriously, groceries. It’s insane how high the prices have risen on everything.”


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“Skiing in Australia. $600 for a two-night accommodation for the family is reasonable. $250 for snow clothes off the Facebook marketplace is still not bad. $300 for ski and boot hire for three days is pricey, but alright.

 But $1200 for lift passes for one day?”


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“I had someone come out to the house, and he quoted me almost $20k to replace four doors. I passed.”


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“Kitchen garbage can. Why are they $50 plus!?”


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“My husband and I own a pool service and repair company. 99.9% of people who have pools underestimate the true cost of owning a pool.”


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“Furniture. Why are couches $2K plus?”


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“Anything about death, from medical bills to cemetery plots and burials. Even printing the obituary was so much more expensive than I expected.


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“Children. I thought I was prepared, but it’s shocking how much childcare costs. Plus medical care. Plus, you have to feed them, literally, multiple times per day. It adds up.”


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“I recently adopted two cats. Cat food has become much more expensive since my last cat died a year ago. Wow. I also need to get the more expensive foods because Friskies gives both my kitties the worst poop.”

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