Imagine someone keeps blabbering the same stupid thing on top of your head, and you literally go and “snatch” away the very reason behind them doing so!

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for taking potatoes off a guy’s plate at a wedding?”. We need you to find out!


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The Original Poster (OP) just returned from her friend’s wedding in Mexico. It was at a fancy all-inclusive. Everyone mostly did their own thing, with only a few group events planned besides the wedding and reception. 


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One of the group activities was dinner out at one of the restaurants that required a reservation. It was beautiful, and the service was fantastic. 


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One hiccup. The best man did not want potatoes. As far as OP knows, he wasn’t allergic, potatoes did not take out his parents in a dark alley, and he hasn’t sworn to avenge them. 

“I speak Spanish, and after he asked me, I asked the waiter to please not serve him potatoes. Well, you know where this is going.”, says OP. 


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The best man was “maliciously” served potatoes and would not shut up. He pointed out to everyone at their table that he had been served a starchy tuber against his will. Other tables watched him and listened to him getting upset about the potatoes. 


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He ate the rest of his meal but would not drop the potatoes. OP couldn’t take it anymore. She reached over, grabbed the potatoes with her hand, put them on her plate, and then ate them. He just sat there stunned. Then he got up and went to his suite. 


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The best man avoided OP the rest of the time there, but he told everyone what a jerk she was and how “unladylike” her behavior was. 

“I just wanted him to shut up about the potatoes. My friend wants me to apologize for causing drama”, says OP. 

OP asks if she is a jerk for doing that.


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“Everyone’s in the wrong. The best man sounds insufferable, but I’ve never been in a social dining situation where taking food from someone else’s plate was okay if they hadn’t already offered it. A bit of an overstep on your part, OP, I guess.”


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“Not the jerk. You accomplished your goal and got him to shut up when he walked away. Bonus points for getting him to ignore, too. He is the one who caused drama by acting like a spoiled brat.”


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“You’re the jerk. I’m unsure why you’d think otherwise; you reached into his plate and took food out. You guys seem perfect for each other, two people who should not be invited to weddings.”


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“Not the jerk. Who does that at a wedding, especially being the best man? Feel slighted, but keep it to yourself because tomorrow has so much more possibility of a newsworthy slight.”


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“Not the jerk; he didn’t even want the potatoes, and clearly, he was just going to keep going on and on about them until someone did something. What a bizarre man.” 


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“Not the jerk. You removed the problem (hilariously). What’s the problem? Oh, he realized how easy it was to remove the potatoes and couldn’t take the embarrassment. Maybe talking about the potatoes was the only thing he could discuss, and you left him with nothing.”

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