We can easily identify people’s loneliness by noticing how they behave and talk.

A user asked the forum, “What’s a sign that someone is lonely?” Here are the top responses. 


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“When someone who is usually outgoing starts withdrawing. I experienced this. I was isolating myself and lost a lot of friends because of it. But all I wanted was for them to show up for me. I can’t explain it. But withdrawing is a sign.”


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“Workaholic. Focus on getting more work from superiors to make up for what they are not getting in their personal life, as well as distract themselves. I’m one of them.”


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“Show a bit of friendliness, and they will grab onto it like you’re best friends for ages. To borderline obsession, clinging on to you and the hand you reached out with. Might just be me, though.”


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A user said, “They talk to anyone about everything. They go out to crowded places by themselves to watch people so that it feels like they have company. They text/call their friends a lot.”

Another added, “Having long chats with sales assistants, cashiers in the shops, bar bartenders, random people on a bus stop. How do I know? I have that face that appeals to people like this, although I am quite introverted and not interested in conversation with strangers; I am also polite, though, and don’t want to make people feel bad, so I always end up with customers talking to me and coming back and randoms on the street coming to me for a chat.”


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“When someone asks you something, they could have easily googled it. They most likely want to interact with a person.”


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“They talk about the past more than they do about the present.”


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A user said, “Inability to cut off toxic people or groups.”

Another added, “They undervalue themselves and let others take advantage of them, just in the hopes of being included/involved.”


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“Laughing louder than normal when a joke comes up in conversation.”


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“Poor posture. The bleak outlook on life. Drink alcohol a little too much.”


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“They have no substance when talking about themselves. Talk too much about their cat/dog.” 


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“Maybe anger issues, constant dread in my heart makes me incredibly frustrated at inanimate objects.”


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“Posting every single thing they do on social media.”


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“Insomnia, sudden weight gain, rapid aging, decline in cardiovascular health.”


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“Taking a lot of showers just to feel warmth around their body.”


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“Sleep too much, even in daylight. A small sign of kindness from the opposite gender makes them feel in love. They don’t know how to read the room, etc.”

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