We all have things in our lives that we wish we had done sooner. Whether it’s starting a new career, traveling the world, or simply learning to say no, there are always things we can do to improve our lives.

An internet user asked, what improved your life so much, you wished you did sooner? We’ve compiled the best fifteen responses for you below:

Getting Blackout Shades

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“Getting blackout shades. It’s like a sheet you stick directly to your window to block out light. Got it after years of working the night shift and now all of a sudden, no sleep issues, I can just lie down and it’s off to snooze town. For any other night shifters reading this, get some blackout shades, they’re 100% worth it.”

Learning To Swim As A Workout

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“Learning to swim as a workout. Nothing like jumping in the pool and having an hour there. The only better thing is – getting a full body massage after the swimming session. That’s 2 hours that will reset your energy. Do it once a week and you will feel the difference.” 

Just Being Chill With Whatever Happens

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“Just being chill with whatever happens. If people spend time with me, I enjoy their company. If people won’t make time for me, I don’t have to hear any problems or bragging.  I enjoy the quiet.” 

Started Running 

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“Started running again, it did wonders for my mental and physical health. It also helped me build a new circle of friends who are not toxic crab mentality people.

Having friends who lift you up makes a huge difference in your life after years of people who want to hold you at their level.”

Not Staying Up Late At Night 

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“I don’t stay awake late at night. I go to sleep quite early and do whatever I wanted to do early in the morning but well rested.” 

Cutting Out The Toxic People

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“For me, it was cutting out the toxic people that I thought cared about me and my life. When, in truth, all they were doing was bringing me down.” 

Lifting Weights

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“Lifting weights. The person I was before and who I am now are two completely different people.” Said one. 

“I can agree with this, it makes a world of difference, both in the physical and mental feeling you have.” Another added. 

Moving Away From My Hometown

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“Moving away from my hometown. Took me until 24 to realize I could just do it by myself and didn’t need anybody to hold my hand.” 

Getting A Slow Cooker And Making A Huge Meal On Sundays

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“Getting a slow cooker and making a huge meal on Sundays, and then portioning it out throughout the week. Saves me so much money and time. I recommend stuff like chilli or tikka masala.

Anybody who is reading this and on the fence about it, I literally avoid ordering take-out now because it takes more time and effort than just throwing a bunch of stuff into a slow cooker once a week. It’s not only cheaper, it just takes less effort and appeals to my lazy ass. 

Don’t have to wait for delivery of half-warm food or worry about delivery dudes messing up and delivering to the wrong address and having to talk to Uber Eats garbage CS team.” 

Actually Taking Medication For Acne Rather Than Trying Home Remedies Or Random Products 

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“Roaccutane for acne instead of stuffing around with washes, creams, antibiotics for ages.” Said one. 

“I tried the holistic method for years under the direction of my mother. It left me with acne scars and an embarrassing appearance during flares. Tried Accutane only took a month to clear it all up.” Another added. 

Hearing Aids!

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“Hearing Aids! I’m only 26 but have always had trouble understanding people, even though I could hear them just fine. 

Turns out I have Auditory Processing Disorder, and hearing aids can be programmed to help! They’re far from a miracle, but in many situations, I now can actually understand what’s being said. 

The aids are programmed to block out background noises while amplifying speaking just a tad. I’ve gone from constant confusion to only needing clarification once or twice in most conversations. 

Hopefully, they’ll be even better when my custom-molded earpieces arrive!” 

Weight Loss

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“I really tried to do it sooner BUT reasons. My weight loss. In 2018 after my mom passed away I got dentures. I had really bad teeth. After I got dentures I started to lose weight. I have lost 140 pounds. I am at my lowest weight ever. I wish my mom could see me now. She would be so happy.” 

Got Serious About My Depression And Made Actual Efforts To Tackle It

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“In my mid to late 40’s my depression almost killed me. Went to counseling, which is one thing. Decided not to believe my dead father that I was dumb and lazy. Thing 2.

Went back to college. Graduated with a 3.98. Double major in creative writing, and psychology. Thing 3. Got serious about my health. I’ve lost 215 lbs. I’m off of all my diabetes meds, and while I’m still not at a healthy weight, I’m a lot closer. (Need to lose another 75). Thing 4.

I’m now in graduate school to become a mental health counselor. I’ve worked a job that paid well and has great benefits, including TAP tuition assistance to pay for my college, but it’s high stress and I hate it. Part-time, it’ll take me 4 years but ill be able to retire with full benefits and start a 2nd career in early 2027. Thing 5.” 

The Mindset Of, “Who Am I Trying To Impress?”

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“The mindset of, “Who am I trying to impress?”

You’ll spend much of your life trying to measure up to other people when you should really be trying to compare yourself to you from yesterday. It’s good to have role models, but it can easily turn into damaging your self-esteem. Pick a real person to see and achieve goals, and as long as you’re making improvements to the person you were, you are doing great.” 


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“Divorce. She was too controlling and narcissistic, and the amount of gaslighting was ridiculous. Separated in April, signed papers last Thursday. Everyone I know says I’m a different person, noticeably happier, even my kids see it.” 

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