People waste their time and energy arguing about obvious things. We think it is unnecessary. What do you think? 

A user asked the forum, “What’s so obvious that you don’t understand how some people can argue about it?” Here are the top responses. 


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“The Earth is not flat.”


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“People denying the Holocaust.”


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“That the moon landing was fake. Would 1000s of people keep that under wraps? I can’t get my grandma to keep secrets for me like, come on.”


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“Autism is scientifically proven to be not caused by vaccines, nor do you get any mental disability from vaccines.”


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“Obesity is not healthy nor ideal.”


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“Astrology isn’t actual. It’s so easy to prove, too. You take 10 to 100 people from each sign, look at their life history, make a psychologist personality assessment, check their spouse’s sign, and then check if there is any correlation for people in each group (e.g., do Pisces share more similar traits than they do with other signs?).

It’s not something that depends on your opinions or so-called open-mindedness; it’s just demonstrably false.”


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“Climate change. It’s real and happening, but major corporations and oil companies continue to ignore it because they profit from it. Greenwashing is very common.”


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“I almost got banned yesterday from a Catholic group for claiming Catholics are an argumentative group who have disagreed for two millennia. The group leader who disagreed with me didn’t see the irony in this.”


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“Everyone deserves enough food and water to survive. Hard Stop.”


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“Depression is real and should be treated like any other illness.”


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“That when you start a new job, you should have an assigned trainer for the first few days, not just chucked in the deep end. I don’t understand how companies think this is a good way to get the best out of their staff.”


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“Social media and modern news reporting does far more harm for the average American (can’t speak for other countries) than it does good.”


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“Military occupations don’t work long term if the goal is peace. People revolt.”


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“Evolution defines and controls all human motivations and behavior. You don’t come into the world as a blank slate, capable of anything and everything. All organic creatures are controlled by their biology.”


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“That god is a concept created by men to explain what they did not know/understand, and all religions have exploited that to gain control and power.”


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“The patriarchy exists across the globe, and women have been oppressed for thousands of years. The West has mostly moved forward in the past hundred years, but we’re far from out of the woods, and, in the case of the ‘freest country in the world,’ we have taken some huge leaps backward.”

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