People’s behavior and language can reveal their intelligence.

A netizen recently asked, “What is a single word, not a phrase, that someone would use and instantly reveal their level of intellect?”. Below are the top responses.


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” ‘Why?’. That’s a person who listens and gathers information. Surprisingly you don’t hear it often enough from adults.”


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“Pacific. Instead of using the word ‘specific’.”, said one.

“I had a lecturer at college that kept using Pacific instead of specific. So annoying. I was bored one day and made a tally of things he would say wrong.”, another added.


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“Sheeple. Used by a wide variety of people but usually a sure sign that the statement to follow is based on personal feelings more than a coherent argument.”


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“God, I hate when people say Expresso. I used to work at a chain coffee shop and it killed me inside. Still does, but I don’t have to deal with people mispronouncing it every day thankfully”


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“Honestly, the N-word. It’s the year 2023, and if some idiot hasn’t learned by now that you judge a person by their character, and not the color of their skin, I instantly consider them stupid.

Realistically, this should apply to all racial slurs but I live in one of the Southern States of the U.S., and I’ve become very tired of hearing it.”


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“Prior. It’s amazing how many people aren’t familiar with this word. It kind of hurts. It’s not even that advanced of a word like come on now.”


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” ‘Irregardless’, kills me a little inside every time!”, said one.

“Irregardless. This one can go either way. If used correctly then I’m probably talking to an English major. Used incorrectly and I’m probably in a fast food joint giving my order to some idiot because the English major is off that day.”, another added.


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“Females. Most people who refer to women as females are those sigma types – low intellect who think they’re smart.”


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“Clout. People treat it like it’s a word that was just invented within the last two years. I find people only use it because they can’t articulate someone’s behavior any other way.”


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“Pretentious. A word used to describe something that the person doesn’t understand. Hate it!”


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“Literally. Because people just don’t use literally by its literal meaning anymore. People have taken the word that is used for the express purpose of conveying words without any exaggeration and used it to exaggerate, completely destroying its meaning.

It’s such an ironic degradation of the English language, and people who aren’t aware of this irony are instantly shown to me as people with very little understanding of how to properly use words.”


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“The word ‘like’, when used over and over in conversation!

He was, like, talking, and I was, like, really bored, so I, like, had to leave, like, right away.”


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“I spoke to a guy at a party once about music and every artist I mentioned he kept responding ‘Yeah bro, he’s GOATED!’ and it was one of the worst conversations I ever had.”


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“The use of the word ‘Based’ will indicate that they have the intellect of a 9-year-old ‘sigma male’.”


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“‘Basically’ before explaining something in the most detailed way the speaker is capable of or ‘actually’ before stating an opinion.”

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