Some people are physically attractive, while others are exceptionally so, to the point where they may be compared to a walking piece of art.

A netizen recently asked, “Who immediately comes to mind when you hear the words ‘insanely hot’?”. We couldn’t agree more with the responses below!

Jessica Alba

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“Early 2000’s Jessica Alba. God damn.”, said one.

“Jessica Alba from Dark Angel the whole super soldier thing and acrobatics was super hot.”, another added.

Henry Cavill

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“Even as a hetero male, I do find him alluring. He kills it as the Witcher and it makes him that much better than he plays the game and is just a nerd trapped in a dreamy meat bag.”, said one.

“Easily the most attractive man to ever live, he is THE epitome of beauty.”, another added.

Salma Hayek

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“Salma Hayek. Then. Now. Forever. That woman is pushing 60 and making it look easy.”

Ana De Armas

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“Ana De Armas. She’s the kind of hot that will make you forget words and I would be stuck in stupid mode.”

Karen Gillan

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“Karen Gillan. The red hair, that Scottish accent, and those legs….”, said one.

“She even looks great with black eyes, bald head and blue skin.”, another added.

Kate Beckinsale

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“Kate Beckinsale. I typed this out. Oh, man. She’s a stunner. Been crushing on her since her Van Helsing appearance as Ana Valerius!”, said one.

“That’s literally who came to my mind as soon as I saw this. I have been seeing her for three days on my TV and my feed!”, another added.

Danny DeVito

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“The obvious answer to this question is Danny DeVito.”, said one.

“No word of a lie, my mom thinks Danny Devito is the hottest man alive. She said it started when she first saw him in Twins. She also has a thing for Prince.”, another added.

Alexandra Daddario

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“Worked on a shoot with her. More stunning in person! Piercing eyes and glowing skin. Incredibly nice as well!”, said one.

“Ugh, those goddamn eyes. I get stuck staring at them. So god damn gorgeous.”, another added.

Pedro Pascal

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“Oh yeah. The man has charisma with dimples.”, said one

“I’m fully straight and knew he was attractive since he was the red viper.”, another added.

Hayley Atwell

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“Just got back from watching the new Mission Impossible. I didn’t know she could get any hotter than she already was but Hayley Atwell is indisputably INSANELY HOT!”, said one.

“She was a complete babe in the movie. Charming, hilarious, witty, and her chemistry with Tom was electric.”, another added.

Natalie Portman

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“Odd how this wasn’t higher. Was expecting top 3 comments!”, said one

“I parked her car once in Cincinnati. She had a shaved head with a little faux hawk, which must have been after she filmed V for Vendetta. She was insanely gorgeous in person and not even trying.”, another added.

Jennifer Connely

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“Jennifer Connely in A Beautiful Mind..God she was mesmerizing!”

Jack Black

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“Jack Black. Attractive. Amazing voice. Amazing singing voice. Dad bod. Great dad. Great husband.”

Jensen Ackles

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“Jensen Ackles. Good lord, that man is unbelievably gorgeous. That deep voice is a cherry on top.”

Megan Fox

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“I picture Megan Fox in that Transformers movie. She was all bronzed and half-clothed and drippy with sweat bent over an engine bay.”

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