Have you ever believed a childhood lie that was so ingrained in your mind that it has been difficult to discard even as an adult?

A netizen recently asked, “What lie did you hear as a child, that your adult mind knows is untrue, but that still guides your behavior today?”.

The Original Poster (OP) adds, “A woman I work with told me that her mom said that husbands will leave fat wives. My co-worker knows this to be untrue in all situations except for her own. I think we all learned lies like this that have changed our behavior as adults”.

Below, we’ve curated the top responses:

It’s The Music Truck!

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“My mom told us that the music truck drove around neighborhoods in the summer so people could enjoy music. I was embarrassingly old before I realized the truck sold ice cream.

To this day, my first thought when I hear the music in the summer is, ‘It’s the music truck!’.”

Peeing In The Pool Will Leave A Trail

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“Peeing in the pool will leave a trail!”, said one.

“Grownups showed us this and I started to believe it until my cousin said he peed in the pool water at a water park and nothing happened LOL!”

You’d Be Offered A Lot Of Free Drugs

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“That I would constantly be offered free drugs”, said one.

“Still waiting for this… I check my kids Halloween candy every year and still NOTHING!”, another added.

Chewing Gums Stay In Your Intestines For 7 Years

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“That if you swallow gum, it stays in your intestines for like 7 years… that was from the other kids at school. I have never swallowed gum since. Broken mirror gives 7 years of bad luck… I am still terrified of that possibility today!”

Women Cannot Get Pregnant Unless They Are Married

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“My mother kept telling me when I was around age 9/10 that women cannot get pregnant unless they are married. It was ingrained in me…women cannot get pregnant unless they are married.

So I remember many arguments that I got into with my friends when they would mention that a girl was pregnant, “That’s a lie because mom told me that girls can’t get pregnant unless they are married.”

I just thought that something was switched on once a woman was married that only then allowed babies. Needless to say, my mother failed miserably at teaching me sexual education. Why in the world she would word it that way to a kid is beyond me.”

Ducks Swim To The Bottom Of The Lake And Froze For The Winter

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“Granny told me ducks swam to the bottom of the lake and froze for the winter. Still, think about it from time to time even though it’s preposterous.”

Swallowing Watermelon Seeds Can Cause A Watermelon To Grow In Your Stomach

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“That swallowing watermelon seeds will cause a watermelon to grow in your stomach.

The joke’s on you Mom cause in 1968 I became the watermelon seed spitting-for-distance champion at summer camp and today – well, today I bought a seedless watermelon. So there, Mom!”

Staying Loyal To A Company Will Pay Off

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“Staying loyal to a company will pay off. I used to hear this from my WW2 vet granddad CONSTANTLY when I visited my grandparents. I know it’s not true, but I can’t shake the actions.

Because of that, I won’t leave my job. Despite the fact that I KNOW it’s not going to get me any more cash or benefits.”

It’s Always Better To Just Keep Pushing Through

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“That it’s always better to just keep pushing through something no matter how exhausted and/or sick you are and no matter how much pain you’re in.

Logically, I know this leads to less overall productivity (not to mention it’s unhealthy) but the part of my brain that still isn’t over grade school very much still thinks that breaks are bad and I should never take them and that as long as I’m still conscious then I’m not too tired/sick/injured to do something.”

Eating Bread Crusts Makes Your Hair Curly

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“Eating bread crusts makes your hair curly”, said one.

“Wow, you just unlocked a memory. I didn’t internalize this one, but my parents used to tell me that. My sister and I didn’t eat crusts and had straight hair. My cousin did eat crusts and had curly hair. So that checked out.”, another added.

Writing On Your Skin Would Poison You

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“That writing on your skin would poison you because the ink sinks through the skin into the blood, I still can’t write on my hands or anything even though I know multiple people who do it lots and have not been poisoned.”

If You Cross Your Eyes, They May Stay Crossed

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“Not to cross my eyes or they may stay crossed. At my age now it does give me a headache.”

Having The Dome Light On In The Car Is Illegal

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“Having the dome light on in the car is illegal and cops can/will pull you over for it.”

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