There are numerous reasons why people may dislike certain jobs, contributing to their unpopularity. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What kind of job would you never accept and why?”. Here are the top responses.  


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“High rise window cleaners! I couldn’t work up that high and on the outside of a building. No thanks.”, said one user.

“Those people who change the lights on top of skyscrapers and towers. No thanks.”, said another user.


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“My dad was one, and he is a wonderful, amazing man, but his whole life was the church. Drunk needs a ride home at 2 am? Call the preacher. Brother has been sentenced to life in prison? Call the pastor.

Mom going to be in the hospital for the next two weeks? Preacher man will be there too. My dad did free funerals, slept at hospitals, and bought groceries for people who needed dinner.

He is amazing. But he missed birthdays and Christmas. He wasn’t there so often when I needed him. My mom and I were lonely but could never show it.”, said one user.


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“I know someone who did this. One day they came to the bar and they were like ‘I had to harass a woman about her dead husband’s ambulance bill and a man about his dead child’s chemotherapy bill, so I think whiskey should be on you.’ They were not wrong. They only did that job for about a month before quitting rather dramatically.”, said one user. 


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“Food service. I did it for years and will never go back.”, said one user.

“I did that job for a while. Food service employees are treated really bad by the customers. I wouldn’t advertise it to anyone. Make your money, and get out as soon as possible.”, said another user.


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“I re-shingled my house in Florida recently . I will NEVER do that again . Roofers are built differently.”, said one user.

“If I’m not mistaken roofing is the #1 most dangerous profession in the US for quite a few years running.”, said another user.


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“Call center jobs are the most soul crushing jobs. They shouldn’t exist.”, said one user. 

“If you’re planning to join a call center, be prepared to be screamed at and treated like trash by the people you are calling and your employer if you have a sales goal.”, said another user.


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“Assembly line work is fast, repetitive, and non-stop. That kind of work is not for humans to do. Frankly I think I’d rather be dead than live that way.”, said one user.

“Worked in a warehouse for a few weeks, and it was actual hell. Probably the most depressed I’ve been in life. 12 hours of doing the same thing day in, and day out. You often wouldn’t even have time to itch your nose.

Worst of all, there’s absolutely zero regard for you as a person. You quit or fall sick, they’ll have another poor person in there the next day. They grind them down, and the cycle repeats. Be a good little robot or get out.

You feel that atmosphere permeating the air – nobody care about you, you’re basically worth nothing. Wouldn’t wish that type of work on my worst enemy.”, said another user.


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“Anything dealing with sales. I have absolutely no selling ability (to sell products or services, that is), and I have no interest in trying to convince people to buy things or services they don’t actually want or need.”, said one user.


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“It’s surprising because I’m a huge animal lover and would love to help them. But I can’t deal with having to refuse service because some entitled person comes in with an injured animal demanding free care.

It happens to my mothers friend, who is a vet. Almost EVERY DAY. Terrible having to watch people leave with their suffering animals.”, said one user.


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“Ugly job somebody has got to do, but there’s just no way I could. Seen videos and seen how babies are separated from their mothers. What an awful job. Other jobs are the ones that gather and kill shelter animals for the final act.”, said one user.

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