Celebrity life is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s incredibly gratifying to be recognized and appreciated by the public. On the other hand, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of privacy when your personal life is constantly under scrutiny.

It’s like, everything’s out in the open. Your dating life, married life, and of course, divorce drama in case of an unsuccessful marriage. An internet user recently asked, What celebs have had a messy divorce? Have a look at the top ten responses below:

Depp and Heard

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“Depp and Heard, just appallingly ugly.” Said one. 

“I didn’t even know who Amber Heard was until this year.” Another added.

Brad and Jen

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“Brad and Jen. Have you read her scathing Vanity Fair Interview? She said he was missing a sensitivity chip LMAO.” Said one. 

“It was a very revealing article. And heartbreaking to read. We thought she had it all and deserved to have it all. I was never “Team Jen” or “Team Angie” (love them both) but I was “Team Brad is a jerk”.” Said another.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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“Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. He’s done nothing but publicly harassed her since she filed, including going after the person she was dating.” Said one. 

“I lowkey loved them together and it bums me out that he ended up being such a POS.” Another added. 

Kelly Rutherford And Her Husband

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“This wild divorce randomly popped into my head the other day. Their divorce was the definition of messy, from the split while she was pregnant to the husband’s deportation leading to the kids basically being exiled to Monaco.” 

Camille And Kelsey

Image Credit: Tinseltown, Shutterstock

“I can’t stand Camille, but I shudder when I think about what Kelsey did to her.” Said one. 

“Didn’t he also not care about the daughter and only wanted to see the son? I can’t stand the guy.” Another added.

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

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“Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen’s divorce was nuts. Even years later it was nuts. Denise was raising his kids from his second marriage at one point because both parents were too messed up.” Said one. 

“Ugh, that was such a sad situation. IIRC Denise had to give up custody of those boys to their grandparents because they were so traumatized their behavior was putting her own kids at risk.” Another added.

Alice Evans and Loan Gruffudd

Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

“Yeah, he and his girlfriend have a 3-year restraining order against her. She’s nuts. Her meltdowns on Twitter and IG were insane lol. I think it’s pretty much done now though.” Said one

“Yep, she hit him round the head and neck, and also she flashed him her naked backside during a handover of the children (all in the filings, so sworn testimony from Ioan). She is absolutely insane and incredibly abusive.” Another added.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Image Credit: s_bukley, Shutterstock

“Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom 

Does anyone else remember all the drama with Lamar and cheating and then having an overdose at that love ranch brothel? Call me naive but I actually thought before all the drama occurred that although they got married very quickly, it was a whirlwind romance… I thought that they would actually last together.”

Roseanne and Tom Arnold

Image Credit: mark reinstein, Shutterstock

“Roseanne and Tom Arnold’s divorce was so messy, that there were two tv movies made about it.” Said one. 

“Seriously. It was brutal. She made a joke about his tiny thingy. He said a jumbo jet looks small when it lands in the Grand Canyon. That’s the kind of crap they were flinging at each other. Two comedians can wield some sharp weapons.” Another added.

Morena Baccarin & Austin Chick

Image Credit: Ron Adar, Shutterstock

“This one was an absolute mess.” Said one. 

“She left him because she was pregnant with Benjamin Mackenzie’s, her Gotham costar’s, baby.” Another added

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